3 Great Ways to Add Value to your Home

If you want to improve the value of your house then you’ll need to start thinking about home improvements. This not only makes your house look better but also enhances its functionality. Home improvement is a task which involves many aspects. You could either choose some basic renovations or can go for something lavish. It all depends on your budget and the value you wish to add.


Some Basic Home Improvement Tasks

Starting with the basic tasks, you can paint the exteriors and interiors in innovative ways using quality paint. A good looking house usually attracts people and hence painting does help. Next, you can focus on windows and doors. Usually after years of exposure to the sun and harsh weather conditions, windows and doors loose the shine and become ruff. This is why you can think of changing the front doors and windows for a better look.

If you have a limited budget, you can get them cleaned and refurbished. This would definitely add to the overall appeal. Another very basic task is renovating the kitchen. Trends keep changing and hence new patterns and ideas keep coming up. You can transform your old kitchen into new and modern one by adding cabinets, faucets and other things. A spacious kitchen usually attracts buyers. Bathrooms are also an important part and hence if you get it renovated, you will definitely add value.

Adding Value: Something Different and Appealing

Apart from these basic tasks, you can add value in following three ways:

  • Extension: An extension is indeed a great idea. You might renovate your kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms, but these do not matter much when compared to adding more rooms. These rooms enhance the functionality and hence you will get more money. Say if you always felt that there should be an extra bathroom with the bedroom upstairs, then you must think of building one.
  • Loft conversion: Loft conversion is another way to add value without much expenditure. However, one thing that you must always remember during this process is that you must have all necessary permissions. You must be aware of the rules and regulations and initiate construction accordingly. Buyers always pay happily if they know that they are buying a dispute-free property.
  • Swimming pool: Swimming pools make houses more appealing and elegant. If you have enough space in the backyard, go for swimming pool. It should be constructed according to the space available and must look good. If you do not have much space, then you could even think of a pool on the terrace. This is a new trend popular amongst people as it does not consume space where a great landscape can be constructed.

Hiring a Contractor

When you think of home improvement, it is necessary to hire an expert who can suggest the best ways to add value. You might find a number of contractors but then in order to take the right decision, you need to do a thorough research and analysis. Compare the services and expertise to select the best contractor. An efficient contractor will always help you to add value at the lowest possible cost.

Author Bio: Jessica Taylor loves everything to do with the home and can be found sharing tips and advice on interior design, home improvement, and gardening on a range of home styling blogs around the net. When she’s not busy working with Nexus Home Improvements or juggling her own home improvement projects she enjoys taking long walks with her dog Mollie!

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