3 Security Essentials when Choosing a Self-Storage Facility

When choosing a self-storage facility, the most important thing to consider is safety. You don’t want to take the risk of renting a facility that does not guarantee safety. Take note that the items you are keeping inside are worth a lot. You can’t just partner with any company out there and risk losing or breaking the items you have. Here are some security essentials that you have to consider so you will feel confident the moment you decide to leave your belongings in storage.

  1. Fire safety. The company must provide a fire safety system. This means that as soon as fire breaks out, an alarm will ring to alert the personnel or even call the fire department right away. The storage facility itself must also be tough enough to not easily give way to threats of fire. There have been a lot of recorded cases of fire in storage facilities due to the lack of fire safety devices.

  2. Security personnel. Although you can just install security cameras, it is better if there are actual security people going around the area just to check if people without permission to get in are there. You know that guards can easily respond to intruders if they try breaking in. They can also call for backup forces if there are more people trying to steal items from the facility.

  3. Security cameras. This helps secure the area, not just inside, but also outside. It also helps alert the authorities when there are intruders. The best part is that even if thieves succeed in getting items inside, they still have a huge chance of being caught. The security cameras will help in the easy identification of the suspects and eventually result in the return of the items that were stolen.

As soon as you have found the right self-storage facility where all these security features are in place, you can confirm the arrangements. For sure, you will feel more confident knowing that they have done everything to protect your items and earn your trust.

It also helps if you get insurance, so check if your monthly payments are inclusive of insurance. If something happens, you can just file an insurance claim and you will get back the amount that was lost. There are a lot of affordable insurance policies out there that are tailored for self-storage facilities.

You can check out storage Gloucester offers if you want the best choice for a storage facility. Take a look at the rates and if you are satisfied, you can sign the contract and move on to the transfer of your items to the facility.

Image via freedigitalphotos.net (Ben Schonewille)

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