3 Things You Need for a Football Themed Boy’s Room

Who said that a boy’s bedroom can’t be stylish? If your son is a sporting fanatic, you can bring a football theme to life. To some people, football is more than just a sport; it’s their way of life. A boy’s room is basically a mini sports­themed man cave. Before starting out on the decorating, there a couple of things that you need to consider, like your son’s taste and style. You should also focus on the specific team that your son supports.

There are several practical themes and ideas that you can choose to work with to create a vibrant environment for your son. Here are three of the things that you need for a football­themed boys room:

Posters and Other Décor

On the walls, you can hang a collection of cool posters. The images on these should be foot related; for example, it can be a poster that has players from a certain football team or one showing a scene of a football game. You could also consider using custom­made photo panels (pictures of your son playing a match at their school or at home with his brother) and use them to turn one of the walls into a focal point.

Other décor that you can use include vintage football tables, traditional sleigh beds, and muted pastel tones. Focus, also, on the bedding. Wooden floors work best for a football­themed boy’s room, perhaps with a green rug that looks just like grass. Another idea would be to paint the floor green to make it look like a football field. Other interesting themed elements that would fit perfectly in this room’s décor would be a black and white beanbag seat that is shaped like a ball.

Pay attention to detail.


Jerseys and other sports memorabilia can really add that special touch to a boy’s bedroom décor. If your son is passionate about a certain team, you can buy jerseys for them to display on their bedroom wall. Most young boys are very loyal to their teams and they would definitely love to showcase their team’s jersey.

Frame the jerseys for the best results; you can custom use glass display shelves to add sophistication especially if the jersey is autographed. Damaged jerseys can be recycled onto a wall instead of throwing them away. Trim it to make sure that the best­looking part of the jersey is visible. Another creative idea is to sew together several old jerseys into a quilt-style bedcover or curtain. Start by cutting the jerseys into rectangular or square pieces then stitch the edges together until the desired size is attained. You can also use a jersey to make a pillowcase.

TV and Streaming Options
<>The concept of man caves has become so popular these days. It’s important that you create a private space for your boys with a selection of gadgets. Trust me your boys will enjoy spending time here. Provide a flat screen TV for them to catch on all their favorite sporting action. Most of the streaming options that are available in the market work even if your TV does not have a cable connection or an aerial; they use a broadband connection and are really a great option for streaming World Cup overseas with a VPN. Others require that you pay a monthly subscription.<>


If you have a son who is into football, use the above instructions to create an amazing football themed bedroom for them. Use the space available to the maximum and go as far as your imagination allows. Lastly, make sure that you are not too flashy with the decorations. Subtle hints will go a long way; you don’t necessarily have to use the entire wall. Just select a part of the wall or a corner to work with on the project. Go ahead and give that bedroom a sporty look!




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