4 Frugal Ways to Lighten Up Your Home


Lighting has an enormous impact on the way your home looks and feels. In fact, some interior designers depend solely upon it to change the entire mood of a room. After all, adding more light to a space makes a person feel awake and alert, while a dimmer setting signals privacy, contemplation and relaxation. A little more illumination can increase your well-being and make you feel happier, while darkness encourages reflection or, on the other hand, sets the mood for a romantic encounter.

Since lighting is vital when it comes to home décor (you don’t want to be stumbling about in complete blackness), here are four cost-effective ways to brighten your home without the high cost of an electric bill.

Make the most of natural sunlight

sunlightPainting the walls lighter colors, like pastels or fluorescents will reflect light and provide a natural lighting effect for the whole room.  Blinds like these are especially useful for managing natural sunlight that enters your home. You can point the light towards the ceiling or adjust them to let as much or as little light into your space as possible. If you have skylights or windows, keep them clean so as much rays as possible can shine through. Natural light also provides insulation, so you may be able to save on your heating bill in the colder months. It can also make you feel refreshed and awake, making this type of illumination perfect for a living room or kitchen.

Use fluorescent tubes and CFL where possible

Use fluorescent tubes and CFL where possibleThe white glow of a florescent tube offers a substantial amount of lighting for kitchens, bathrooms, and work spaces.  This option lasts up to 10x longer than incandescent bulbs and use less energy due to the ultraviolet light created when the mercury meets an electric current. Standard bulbs use more energy because light is created as long as the filament inside the bulb is constantly heated.

CFLs are suited to be everyday household lights, as they come in different designs and colors to suit your tastes. Small spiral-shaped ones as well as A-shaped models similar to regular light bulbs are available in both Edison screw and bayonet cap versions. Choose light with a lower color rating (2500-3000K range) for a warmer orange glow if you wish for a dimmer setting.  You can  also get creative with lamp shades like this one that will project the light as a different colors.

Switch to LEDs

Switch to LEDsLEDs are another energy-saving alternative to standard light bulbs. The advantage of LED lights is that they light up with a small amount of electricity, compared to standard light bulbs and CFLS. They are also considered by many to be the most eco-friendly for lighting in terms of how much energy they require to work.  When it comes to LEDs, its best to use them to “set the mood,” as they may not shine as bright as CFLs or fluorescent tubes due to their design. However, manufacturers are improving LED lights every day, so you may be able to find a bright one that will fit your tastes.

Use Solar Powered Lighting for the Outdoors

Use Solar Powered Lighting for the OutdoorsWhat better place for solar energy than outside, right? Nowadays, solar powered lighting can be harnessed more practically than panels.  In fact, solar powered garden lights are the perfect fit for lighting up paths and driveways. Many are whimsical and decorative, and do not need to be switched on or off, lasting hours without batteries. For special occasions, solar powered Christmas lights like the ones found at Taylor Gifts are particularly appealing, as you won’t have to worry about using extension cords.

These are some simple changes you can make to add light to your home.  Whether you’re main goal is to save on your energy bill or adding charm, remodeling your home doesn’t have to be an expensive project—after all, a little bit of light goes a long way.


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