4 Quick Facts about Steam Showers

Redecorating your bathroom or making some home improvements? Don’t forget about the essentials – why not make an investment in the way you keep yourself clean? According to the Shower Power survey by Waterwise, 71 percent of women and 75 percent of men take showers that are 10 minutes or less. If you had a better shower, would that time increase? Here are some ideas about steam showers and how a steam shower can contribute to a better bathing experience.


1. Design

A steam shower is a shower unit that acts like a steam room and a shower in one. You can use the shower as normal or you can enjoy it like a sauna, thanks to the unit’s design. On the sauna setting the steam is generated by a unit built into the shower which then disperses the steam into the cabin. The steam is kept within the unit thanks to sealed doors and specially designed roof. Wait a few minutes for the unit to fill up with steam then step in and sit or lie down inside the unit. Different showers have different seating options, from small wooden seats to long sculpted benches.

2. Shower Head

Enjoying the shower-as-sauna experience is all very well but what happens when you have only got a few minutes to get ready and you need an efficient, refreshing shower? Many steam showers come with large overhead rain shower attachments that drench you like heavy rain – hence the name. You can also use this shower head on a cool setting to cool down after a steam session. Some showers are fitted with jet streams that push high pressure water out when you are sitting in the steam shower, in order to relieve tension and relax the muscles.

3. Entertainment

Do you like to listen to music or an audio book when in the sauna? Some steam showers have audio connections that allow you to hook up your iPod or MP3 player so you can listen to music while you relax. Recessed lights are available in different colours to further set the mood.

4. Extra Additions

Some steam showers come with added extras to further enhance the showering experience. You can find shower units with built-in outlets for aromatherapy oils so you can enjoy a scented steam with all the benefits that each specific oil brings. Other units have a digital control panel and a remote control element. The control panel is for operating the shower from inside the unit and is easy to use. The remote control may come in useful if you want to start the steam function or change the settings when you are outside of the unit and don’t want to get wet. You can also buy separate foot massage units that are clipped to the floor of the shower when you are using it in steam mode. For more ideas and tips on how to make your bathroom more like a spa experience, visit www.jtspas.co.uk.

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