5 Creative Ways to Design a Decorative Landscape for Your Above Ground Pool

Ground PoolCreating a landscape design that incorporates your above ground pool is a step that takes some planning. You can keep things simple with a container garden or you can begin building your overall landscaping theme by planting hedges or trees that offer both beauty and privacy around the pool.

Privacy Landscaping

The plants and features that you choose can provide privacy while you enjoy your pool. One of the best options is bamboo if you want to create a screen between your property and the neighbor’s back lawn. Bamboo grows quickly and can be planted close together, allowing you to have an all natural wall between your pool and other areas of your property.

Other plants that encourage privacy include hedges that reach a height of at least five feet, evergreen trees and flowering vines. Flowering vines are the perfect option if you have a chain link fence. The vines will naturally cover the fence in just a season or two. If you choose to plant evergreen trees for privacy, expect to wait a few years to see results. Faster growing trees such as cypress offer privacy in less time than other options.

Container Garden Designs

If you are looking for something very simple and budget friendly, a container garden fits your personal needs perfectly. Container gardens can house a wide variety of decorative flowers and won’t need a lot of care during the warmest months of the year. Opt for flowers that are bold and colorful when you want to minimize the number of plants you need to grow to have a beautiful deck area.

You can also try adding some natural insect repelling plants like peppermint. Peppermint smells amazing in the summer and can survive even if you don’t have a green thumb. As a bonus, this spicy herb also repels ants and some other types of insects. Other herbal options for your containers include lavender, which turns a vibrant purple during late summer, or pot marigold.

Tropical Landscaping

Palm trees may make you think of southern Florida or warm, tropical islands but there are many varieties that can be grown across the U.S. Smaller palms can be grown in containers and taken indoors if you live in a region with cooler winters. Some choices for container gardens include the Mapu palm, the dwarf palmetto or the ruffled fan palm. The Mapu is generally less than two feet tall while the dwarf palmetto reaches a height of about six feet. The ruffled fan palm is the largest at around ten feet in height. Check your local hardiness zones before deciding which types of palm to choose. The saw palmetto is the hardiest type of palm and can be grown in most regions.

Beyond the Deck

Most homeowners with an above ground pool install a wooden deck that surrounds the pool for easy access. You can install features that make your pool more appealing and functional for your family by including features such as lighting and pathways. Lighting is perhaps the most important feature you can add to increase the appeal and safety of your above ground pool. Install lighting on your deck and along the paths leading to other areas of your property to maintain safety on warm summer evenings spent outdoors.

Outdoor Cooking Areas

Installing an outdoor cooking area near your pool is an excellent way to make the most of the summer. An built-in cooking area can include a grill, burners for cooking side dishes and a built-in seating area that you can customize with cushions in a fabric of your choice. Most outdoor cooking areas are made from brick or stone. You can easily personalize the look and size of an outdoor cooking area to fit your specific budget and tastes.

Firepits are a smaller, simpler option if you don’t want a full grilling area. Firepits can be built relatively quickly and can be powered by either wood or gas. Gas power is a very convenient choice that can used for grilling whine you include a grate over the top of the pit. Portable firepits are a simple way to cook a quick meal in the outdoors.

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