5 Easy Ways To Care For Pine Furniture

With its soft yet durable texture and distinctive knotted appearance, pine furniture is a popular choice for living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms decorated in a rustic theme. As is the case with all types of wood furniture, pine pieces should be cleaned and maintained carefully in order to ensure long-term beauty and functionality. These five easy ways to care for your pine furniture are highly useful for preventing damage and wear over time.


Keep Furniture Away From Heat

Pine wood is soft in nature and tends to shrink when exposed to direct heat sources over prolonged periods of time. You can take some basic steps toward extending the durability of your pine furniture by keeping all pieces out of the sunlight and away from the heat path of a radiator or air vent.

Clean With Oil And Vinegar

Many owners of pine furniture prefer to use natural cleaning agents such as olive oil and white vinegar rather than commercial cleaners that may contain harsh chemicals. Use three parts of olive oil to one part of vinegar when preparing a simple yet functional cleaning solution. Remember to clean your pine furniture by applying this solution in the direction of the wood grain, and also make sure to allow all surfaces to air dry.

Use Spray Wax As A Buffer

The use of a spray wax solution on a monthly basis can help to protect high-traffic areas of pine furniture surfaces from scratches and stains. Available at many online and retail home improvement stores, natural spray wax products are formulated for easy buffing into pine wood. Cans of natural wax designed to be applied and buffed by hand are also effective in repairing minor imperfections and maintaining a high-quality pine furniture surface.

Dust With A Lint-Free Cloth

When dusting Dunelm pine furniture or pine pieces from other collections, be sure to use a lint-free cloth in order to keep the wood surface clear of fabric particles. Examples of lint-free cloth materials that work well with pine furniture include microfiber towels and cotton rags. These cloths should be damp enough to pick up excess dust but not thoroughly saturated with cleaning product.

Make A Shining Solution

Because the surface of pine furniture is prone to becoming dull if it is not shined regularly, you will want to have a shining solution on hand for convenient touch-ups. According to DoItYourself.com, a gentle and effective solution can be made with one cup each of warm water and mineral oil, ¼ cup of soap and one tablespoon of pine oil. This pine furniture shining agent is easy to apply and rub in with a soft cloth.

Whether you have pine chairs, tables, bed frames, or dressers in your home, you can keep your wood furniture looking brand-new with just a few inexpensive cleaning supplies. Taking the time to care for your pine furniture properly results in a wonderful return on your investment as well as compliments from house guests.


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