5 General Maintenance and Repair Tips for Your Lakefront Home

General Maintenance

A lakefront home offers many luxuries and benefits. Not only do you get to enjoy beautiful scenery, but you can also enjoy fun water activities in the warm months and spend time in nature. Lake houses do, however, require so extra maintenance to stay in good condition. Here are 5 general maintenance and repair tips for your lakefront home.

  1. General MaintenanceOne of the best tips for maintaining your lakefront home is to use it often. The more you use it, the easier it will be for you to tackle projects or things that need to be repaired early or proactively. If you go months and months without visiting the lake house, you will be much more likely to find serious problems since they have been left unattended for so long and the minor problem is more likely to become a much larger issue when you return.
  2. Have reliable repair professionals in your phone book in case of an emergency or a problem you cannot fix on your own. Lake front communities are often very laid back which is nice when you are vacationing, but frustrating when you need something done. To avoid “lake time” repair service, be sure to seek out reliable professionals who respond to your calls and are attentive. Another tip is to call this individual ahead of time to remind them of your appointment so they don’t forget and go fishing for the day!
  3. Be sure to do preventative maintenance on a regular basis to avoid problems and keep appliances working in top condition. Clean appliances regularly. You will want to clean the dryer vent, refrigerator coils and your chimney at least once every 6 months to reduce wear, check for problems, and ensure they are working efficiently.
  4. Lake homes are prone to pest issues so make sure you protect your home accordingly. Either use a pest control product or hire a professional pest control service to get rid of or prevent pests from making their own home in your lake home!
  5. Lastly, hire a housekeeper to clean your home in between visits you and your family make to the home. This is helpful because it will ensure that someone is keeping an eye on the home and keeping it in good shape. Cleaning can help to reduce the decline of your lake home. Plus, this person can notify you of any issues or emergencies so that you can handle them as soon as possible.

Sticking to these top 5 maintenance and repair tips for your lake home will help you to ensure that your lake house remains in top condition all year long. To keep your home in gray shape, visit as often as possible, get in touch with reliable maintenance professionals, do preventative maintenance all year long, get pest control, and hire a housekeeper for the time you will be away form your lake house. To learn more about caring for your lake home be sure to visit LakeHomes.com for lots of information and ideas!


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