5 Innovative Lighting Designs – Dazzle Your Friends

A vital aspect of interior design, lighting should radiate a dazzling atmosphere in addition to simply providing light. Dull lamp shades and plain designs will take away from the overall ambience and leave rooms looking jaded.

Deciding upon lights should be seen as an artistic adventure; it is ultimately a chance to showcase creativity and design a stunning and striking home. Here are five innovative lighting designs to help homeowners dazzle anyone who pays a visit. 

Glass Chandeliers

Those wanting to create an outstanding and impressive ambience will find glass chandeliers were designed with this exact purpose in mind.

Big, bold and dramatic, chandeliers have always been a statement piece in the home.  For years, they have created an aura of luxury and class; this traditional design continues to reinvent itself, appealing to the eye and becoming more and more creative in form. The glass chandelier is particularly unique as it boasts a bold yet delicate design, contributing to an eccentric yet elegant atmosphere. Combining the traditional with the contemporary, this lighting fixture will capture the attention of friends and family alike.

There are many ways in which lighting can be used to sparkle.There are many ways in which lighting can be used to sparkle.

Detailed Lamp Shades

There are an array of detailed lamp shades which feature intricate and delicate designs, intended to wow visitors and guests. Arguably some of the most spectacular designs aim to mimic a home-made appeal; shabby chic is particularly on trend right now.  For instance lamp shades with rugged, torn edges create a well-loved antique effect, suggestive of the appearance of a hand-made shade. Styles featuring cut out hearts or butterflies likewise produce a delicate design, which those who lay eyes on cannot help but admire. 

Cork Pendants

Cork pendants are a new, creative design which can be matched to any room colour or theme. Available in a neutral or smoked shade, these lights will look great grouped together or dotted around the room. Those wanting multiple lights will find cork pendants are the perfect option; simple yet innovative, their intriguing texture and shapes will brighten up any room. 

Artistic Lighting Sculptures

Homeowners who have a passion for art will find creatively shaped lighting sculptures a great way to complete the home. From swirled, brass pendants to gold-plated, curvy table lamps, there are a variety of sculptures which will create an artistic and innovative ambience. In addition to boasting a unique appearance, these incredible designs may also have an unusual effect on the pattern of light, reflecting swirls or circles onto the floor, and consequently producing a truly sparkling atmosphere.

Lighting can make a place look so much betterLighting can make a place look so much better

Marble Table Lamps

Table lamps are essential to any home, and can be found in all corners of the house, from the bathroom to the bedroom. Often plain and simple, they are usually used as a necessity rather than as an object which will help to complement the overall interior design. Marble table lamps aim to change this. Available in a variation of colours from brass to sapphire, these lights have a stunning and reflective surface which will cause the entire room to glitter. A superb way to spice up any room, marble table lamps are a fantastic purchase.


There are many incredible lighting designs ready to astound friends and family, such as those from Innermost Lighting. From the impressive glass chandelier to simple yet innovative cork pendants, there are a variety of styles for homeowners to choose between. Whatever ambience homeowners are looking to create, they are bound to find a superb lighting design perfect for the job.



Image credits: tramod and br1dotcom

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