5 Mistakes When Storing Your Valuables

Portable storage containers provide an efficient solution to a variety of challenges. Businesses may use them to store records, extra inventory, or infrequently used equipment outside of the office. Stores benefit from having the extra space to store seasonal signage, décor, and fixtures. Individuals and families choose portable storage containers when they are moving or when they need extra space for securing valuables at their location or remotely. However, it is important that when you decide to store your items, you do so properly and with a few precautions in mind. Considering some of the common mistakes others have made when packing, organizing, and securing their valuables can help you avoid these issues for a safer, more successful storage experience. Avoid these top five common mistakes when storing your valuables: 

portable storage containerLocation – Consider the items you will be storing. Do you use them often? Is it important that they are close by and on hand so that you can access them at any time? If so, choose a portable storage container and keep it on site. A driveway, side alley, parking lot or other space adjacent to your building is a safe place to park your portable storage container and close enough that access is easy. If you won’t be getting in and out of your container often or you don’t have space on site, storing it at a location near you is the most conventional option. This way your items are secure but out of your way and access is available when you need it.

Packing – How you pack your items is as important as where you store them. Smaller items like books, files, or décor elements should be contained within boxes or plastic containers that are sealed. Larger items like fixtures, electronics, or other equipment should be wrapped in protective materials such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or polyethylene foam. Valuable or fragile pieces should be packed according to their specific needs and safely moved between spaces. Consider the potential moisture your packed items may face.

Cleanliness – Cleaning and repairing your items before placing them in boxes will keep dust and moisture from damaging them and problems from getting worse over time. You’ll be much happier to open a box of items that are clean and ready to be used than a box full of dirty old items that need fixing. It is also important that your portable storage container is clean before you start loading in your items. A weatherproof, mold and mildew resistant container is your best bet.

Organization – Wherever you store your items and however often you plan on accessing them, it is important to stay organized. Clearly label every box with a marker, stating what it contains, the date it was put into storage, and other relevant information. Attach a tag to larger items with this same information. Also be sure to properly stack and arrange your items within your storage container. Grouping like items and containers (such as cardboard boxes and plastic containers) will keep items secure and make them easier to find. Keep stacks of boxes only as high as your natural reach as higher stacks will be difficult to access and are more prone to falling over. Put heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on top. Fragile items should be kept separate.

Security – When storing your items, don’t skimp on security. Trust a portable storage container with the highest quality steel construction including a welded frame, strong steel siding, and a locking roll-up door. Whether you keep your container at your site or at a Go Minis location, you can feel certain your valuables will be there when you need them.


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