5 Must Haves Inside Your Tiny Home

When you’re going smaller, every bit of efficiency and space counts- that’s why you want to plan well in advance to ensure you’ve covered all your bases with your new abode. Here are five things you’ll want to keep in mind as you downsize into a tiny home.


Storage Space Under the Stairs


Whether you’ve got a ladder or stairs in place in your new tiny home to get up the loft, make sure you’re actually using the space behind it. Space is always at a premium inside a tiny home and you’ve got to be able to get to your belongings and your kitchenware. A great place to hide it is near the stairs, where visitors are unlikely to spot it!


Ductless A/C


It doesn’t matter how small the home is- if you don’t have a heating and cooling system in place, things can get uncomfortable and quickly. Tradition responses won’t work for you, but a ductless A/C mini split system could cool the whole place easily. ComfortUp is one of the largest suppliers of tiny home Ductless Air Conditioners.


Nesting Tables


Have you ever seen the tables that slide under one another? Perfect for when you need extra table space, but they all fold right up under the biggest when its time to maximize space again. These are a perfect solution if you want the flexibility to have guests over and still use the most of your space when it’s just you.


These are a bonus item if you also use the outdoor space near your tiny home, because the most durable of these nesting tables can be taken from indoors to outdoors quickly. You can see some examples here, or If you love this concept but need longer and more permanent options, consider dropleaf tables.




This is not just so you can catch a glimpse of yourself walking by- big mirrors reflect natural light and make your home look bigger. So when you don’t want the hassle of maintaining a bigger home but you love the open appeal, use mirrors throughout as an easy décor piece that serves multiple purposes.


Floating Shelves


Kids have to have their nightlight near them? Need a clean place to stack the books you’re working through? Floating shelves take up space you’re unlikely to use anyways and give some extra design elements without cluttering things. With the wall space in a tiny home, you have the chance to put your favorite items without your reach and line of sight without things looking too busy.

Storage Baskets


You’re going to need more places to put things than behind the stairs. Storage basked capitalize on space and are the perfect place to store those items that don’t quite fit anywhere else. If you’ve got miscellaneous items to put away quickly, like kids toys, storage baskets work really well.


Make sure you consider how you can make your tiny home a more functional and enjoyable place with just a bit of advanced planning. Make the most of every square foot you have with tools and storage options that fit your lifestyle!

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