7 Ways to Refresh Your Home Office

Refresh Your Home Office

People who work from home can quickly find themselves falling into counterproductive routines, especially if you are not taking care of your workspace. Since this is where you work and unwind, it can be difficult to separate the two, and you might find that personal clutter is leaking into your workspace. If you’re not getting much done in your home office, and you feel like you just need to escape this space, then it’s time for an office makeover. Take a look at these seven unique ways to update your space without breaking the bank.

Refresh Your Home Office1. Use Vertical Space

Do you feel like files, knickknacks, and office supplies are taking over your desk and cabinets? This can negatively impact your productivity, since you’ll enter your office and just see a mess waiting to be cleaned up. Most people don’t look around to see the wealth of vertical space you actually have on your walls. Check out the shelving units and hanging fixtures at your local home improvement store. Organizing clutter so that it’s not on your desk space and floor can go a long way in helping you retain a productive office vibe.

2. Get Some Plants

Pick a plant that you find aesthetically pleasing and place it on a windowsill or someplace where you can view it from your desk. A plant can help break up long blank spaces, helping to inspire greater creativity. Also plants can help to slightly improve the air quality in your workspace, since photosynthesis will produce oxygen.

3. Separate Personal from Business

Do you have a barrier between your workspace and the rest of your home? The ideal situation is being able to claim an entire room for you work, so that you can shut the door during busy times. If this is not possible, then you might want to look into sliding door dividers and other partition fixtures. Not only should you have a barrier between home and workspaces, you should also remove anything from your home office that doesn’t pertain to work. Move children’s toys, kitchen items, and entertainment out of the office – they’ll only serve as visual distractions as you try to get work done.

4. Ergonomic Furnishings

Sometimes we avoid our offices because they’re just not comfortable to be in. You might be suffering from joint and back pain that seem to get worse when you work from you home office desk. These issues should be immediately addressed, because they can cause you damage in the long run. Check in with your doctor to see if you’re developing symptoms of a repetitive stress injury. Then visit an office supply store to see if you can update your home office technology and furnishings. Update your desk, phone system, or computer setup with ergonomic solutions, such as wrist supports, hands-free headsets, ergonomic keyboards, or chairs with better support.

5. Invest in Art

Take a look around your office. Are you surrounded by underwhelming amounts of blank space? Artwork can help to invigorate our brains, even if it’s just happening at a subconscious level. You need to create a space where you feel both safe and inspired to try new things. This mindset can be impossible if you’re stuck in a bland environment. After all, one of the main perks of working at home is that you can control your office design! Order prints from your favorite artists, purchase sculptures, and cultivate a miniature gallery in your office!

6. Create Brainstorming Spots

Sometimes you just need to stand up and brainstorm. This can be hard if you work alone in an office, without being able to bound ideas off others. Look into mounting a whiteboard, chalkboard, or corkboard on a wall, perhaps near a window. This will give you a brainstorming space where you can stand, look out the window, and jot down new ideas. Then you can return to this space later to see which ideas stick.

7. Basic Maintenance

It’s impossible to get work done if there are pressing maintenance issues preventing you from concentrating on your tasks. Even worse, maintenance concerns can also be detrimental to your health, in the case of moisture damage, mold growth, or paint particles. If you own a home, check in with a local handyman and learn how to address current issues. If you rent, ask your landlord about your maintenance options.

Working from a home office should be a blessing, not a curse. These seven tips can help you get reinvigorated about your workspace and take steps toward positive change. You might be surprised at how unrecognizable and refreshing your new space is, once you’re done updating it!


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