8 Essential Home Improvements For Your Tulum Home

tulum-home-improvmentIf you’re business minded like me then you too believe in investing in real estate. Real estate investing is easy and rewarding for those who wait patiently. I purchased my Tulum home so that I can get a good ROI when the price appreciates. As you may be aware Tulum is emerging as the one of the best beach destinations in the world. The real estate market is starting to pick pace with the entry of Aldea Zama – Zama Gardens project. I for one believe that just buying a home is not enough, we have to invest in home improvements also to increase the sellability of the home and get better prices.

Choosing home improvements that increase your home’s worthiness is a tough job. We have compiled a list of 10 home improvements which can help you reap a rich harvest later when you’re selling your home.

1)      Front doors: A house’s external appearance is a deal maker or breaker. That’s why realtors stress so much on curb appeal. The easiest thing to increase the curb appeal is to have a beautiful and impressive front entry door.  This is one of the first things a buyer encounters and it also influences his decision on a subconscious level.

2)      Attic bedroom: Getting an attic room built is a huge advantage. An extra room helps in so many ways. My Tulum home is my vacation home and I am able to host my extended family because I have an attic room. People want more bedrooms and space. A house with an attic room is what many buyers appreciate.

3)      Decks: A deck is an affordable and easy option to increase your living space. What’s more – composite decking is low-maintenance and increases the value of home substantially.

4)       Siding: Siding keeps home safe from weather. An attractive and well-maintained siding signals the buyer that not many changes will be needed afterwards in home improvement. The curb appeal also increases and so does your home’s chances of selling at a good price.

5)      Kitchen: All through my life as a real estate agent, I have learned that a kitchen can be a good selling point or not! I have seen so many deals go bad because the kitchen was not properly designed or constructed. Sometimes, simple things like poor maintenance and appearance were the culprit. All you need to spruce up a dull kitchen is to change the countertop, tiles or fixtures. A small thing like addition of a new appliance or a backsplash can add life to a kitchen.

6)      Windows: Having windows that insulate your home pays it off over a period of time by reducing your energy bills. Mexico is a warn place where you need air-conditioning. A well-insulated room will keep the room cool for a longer period of time and hence the A.C> consumes less power. Nowadays windows are such that they cut down the heat of sun, keeping your room cool.

7)      Basement: Basement gives so many options – You can use it as your office, playing zone or living. Just imagine your whole family playing a video game on Sony PlayStation or you working from your basement office! The choice is yours. People with a big family are always on a lookout for a basement.

8)      Bathroom: Prospective buyers always check out kitchen and bathrooms closely. Bathrooms are used a lot so they get wear quickly. If they are not maintained on a daily basis then they can be a big blot. Adding new shower curtains, re-grouting, adding new fixtures and lighting can freshen up a rundown bathroom.


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