An Aluminum Railing Is a Quality Choice

A strong and durable railing made of aluminum is an ideal addition to your home or commercial project that requires handrail protection alongside stairs or ramps used by visitors, customers, the disabled or children. Such a railing can be utilized indoors and also can be used outdoors because it can withstand rainy or windy weather.

Installation can be done professionally or as a do-it-yourself project because special tools and skills are not required. Mounting brackets and all the needed hardware is included for the railing to be attached to walls or columns or to posts made of metal, concrete, wood or brick. A strong 100 percent aluminum alloy is far superior to wood because of the latter’s splinters, protruding nail heads and toxic treatments. Woods are also weak sometimes and if you are using woods outdoors it may get damaged due to weather conditions. Aluminum is nonmagnetic and also very strong and lustrous. It can give u a good shine without having it to be painted.

The aluminum railing’s eye-catching appearance adds to the value as well as the looks of your home or business and meets nationwide building codes. There are many modern designs to choose from so that you can find one that appeals to you. The low maintenance and affordable cost are also desired features. Aluminum railings add an unique look to your stairs or ramps either indoor or outdoor. The main advantage of using aluminum is cost effective also its corrosion free. Aluminum railings offer a full line of residential, commercial and industrial railings that complement designs without distracting from it. It never splits, warps due to rain, ice, sun and other elements. Once the aluminum railing is installed you can finish them using baked on enamel, anodized to ensure it lasts for many years without corroding. Wide range of rails have series like series 2000, series 900, series 950, series 990, series 9000, series 600, series 500, series 550.

Bring your
aluminum railing project to life in a pleasing way that will provide the desired safety.

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