Bedroom Storage: How to Make the Most of Your Space

Bedroom storage can be somewhat of a nightmare. Your bedroom has to store a lot of your stuff, and doubly so if you live with your partner. From clothes to books to a whole hoard other things that you could be storing, follow our hints and tips to become a storing goddess.

Have a Clear Out

Whether you only throw out three things or have a complete clear out, making sure that you want everything that you own can be an incredibly satisfying experience. Commit a whole day to going through your stuff. While it may not seem like it’d take a long time, there are lots of memories ready to be reminisced over at the bottom of your wardrobe. Once you’ve got rid of everything you don’t need or want, you can begin to take a look at how best to store what you’ve got.

Integral Storage

Pieces of furniture that work both as functional furniture and storage make storing so much easier. From beds with built in draws to hollow benches, there are a multitude of ways to utilise your space. However, if you’re not in the position to buy completely new furniture, then you could utilise the space in another, e.g. with under-bed storage.

Look Up

There might be a lot of space you’re not using because it’s out of reach, such as above your wardrobe. However, with a small step stool it can become easily accessible, allowing you to use this space for items that you use infrequently, such as winter clothes or spare bedding.

You could also swap out your bedside tables for something a little taller. This will add drama to your bedroom without increasing the amount of floor space used, and vastly increasing the amount of storage you have.

Floor to Ceiling Shelves

If you have an impressive collection of books, records or DVDs then instead of piling it on any piece of spare carpet that you can find, why not house them in floor to ceiling shelves? This will add drama, impact and show off your collection, as well as providing you with almost endless storage.

Fitted Furniture vs Free Standing

If storage is your primary concern, then fitted furniture could really help make the most of your space – especially if your room is an awkward shape. However, they’re not always the prettiest or most stylish of furniture, and you can really make a statement with free standing furniture like the ones from Notation Furniture. They offer storage and style, as well as the option of moving things around if you fancy it.


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