Best Ways to Keep Cool Temperatures Up and Costs Down

There are two ultimate goals that most people will have this coming summer: staying cool, and not going bankrupt while doing that. As you know, keeping your house from delving into sweltering temperatures can be a bit of a pricey endeavor, especially during long stretches of hot weather. Fortunately, there are also a number of cost-efficient methods that you can turn to if you want to enjoy a cooler house without tearing your hair out when your energy bill comes in.

Shut Your Windows

Though many people keep their windows open to promote the circulation of air throughout the day, you might actually find that the sun negates that nice cross-breeze. According to the Times Colonist, keeping the windows covered to prevent the sun from getting in can actually lower your house’s temperature, or keep it low if it’s already lower than the temperature outside. Opening the window will only invite the hot air in, and the breeze may not be enough to cool you off. If you want to open your window to get some air circulating, it’s best to wait until nightfall once the sun isn’t shining directly on your house.

Take a Tepid Bath

Cool baths or showers will just cause your body to heat up again to make up for the body heat you’ve lost, according to the Daily Mail. So what can you do if you’re trying to cool down at bathtime? Take a bath or shower at a temperature that’s just slightly below your own natural body temperature instead. This will cool you off without sending signals to your body that you’re too cold. Additionally, air-drying afterward will mimic the effect of sweat on your skin. If you can afford to stay a little damp after your shower and dry off in a room with a fan or AC, it can help keep you cool even longer.

Keep Yourself Cool at Night

More companies are coming out with cooling sheets – bedsheets designed to keep your temperature down even in the hot nights of summer. This can really help you out if you toss and turn all through the night because your pillow gets too hot or your sheets become one big toaster oven. Choosing your pajamas carefully can also help keep your temperature low without you needing to keep your AC running all through the night. Breathable fabrics like cotton retain less heat, and short sleeves, tank tops, or shorts can also help. Keeping your window open can also allow cooler air to come in.

Know Which AC Units Are Best

There are many ac myths circulating that could mislead you, tricking you into spending more money on an AC unit that doesn’t get you the most bang for your buck. Make sure to do your research before you invest in an AC unit! The biggest and newest unit might not necessarily be the best for your home. Skimping out on costs by trying to install it yourself or getting help from anyone but an expert can also actually cost you money in the long run in the form of repairs that wouldn’t have happened if you installed the unit properly. Paying a little more upfront to have things done the right way can leave you with a functional AC unit that will keep your home cool all summer at the lowest ongoing costs.

Employing any number of these tips can really help you cut down the heat that makes your house a humid nightmare, while simultaneously sparing your monthly electric bill. Cutting costs doesn’t necessarily mean cutting comfort as long as you do your research and keep your wits about you.

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