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Moving to the city can be an exciting adventure; there’s so much to do and the whole place buzzes with energy. The downside however may be that you have to compromise on the size of your apartment to be able to afford the prices of the city, and a small home can be very difficult to style. The movies have made us believe that city apartments are the epitome of glamour; usually the homes of high-flying career people, and fitted with designer furniture, sparkling chandeliers and glossy, modern kitchens. When you open the door to your first city apartment, you might be faced with a very different story; old kitchen units, outdated carpets, and barely enough space for one sofa. However, all is not lost. You can still create a stunning city-chic apartment without needing a penthouse.

We recommend starting with your living room; shop around for a loveseat sofa, as this is only two seats and will fit in any apartment comfortably. You can purchase a loveseat in many different styles, but we recommend a black leather sofa for a modern, clean look. If you will be entertaining extra friends, you might want to purchase a footstool, as this will provide extra seating without taking up too much space. If your apartment is very small, avoid a coffee table and opt for a side table instead with a sleek chrome finish, but if space allows, try adding a glass coffee table – glass always looks designer and classic, but because it is transparent it won’t clutter up your room.

Next, work on the kitchen. Opt for minimal, glossy cupboard doors as they will reflect light around the room but also look fantastic and right out of the pages of a style magazine. Don’t bother with fussy accessories such as door knobs or bright countertops; keep everything minimal. Work with a kitchen designer to keep appliances hidden behind your cupboard doors, otherwise they will take away the clean look of your new kitchen.

When designing your bedroom, if you want a decadent look with lots of luxurious touches then we recommend starting with a minimal bed frame in a neutral colour, and then building up layers of textured quilts in silk, faux fur and velvet. Add a lot of pillows too, and you bed will look incredibly inviting. You’ll want to avoid too many side tables, so instead of a bedside lamp choose a statement wall light – neon lights look like art installations when added to a bedroom design, or alternatively you can go for some metallic wall sconces.

Having a small city apartment shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on luxury, so finish off your new apartment with some designer lighting, and maybe even a chandelier. Even a small space can feel like a luxurious boutique hotel if you work on the design!

This guest post was contributed by Holly Powell on behalf of, providing the final touch to your city apartment.

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