City Living: Tips for Beautifying Your Balcony

Properties with outdoor space and far and few in-between if you live in the city, but thankfully a lot of apartments at least have a small balcony so you can enjoy some fresh air. Whilst it’s not usually a space big enough for entertaining, you can still turn your balcony into a fully functional place where you enjoy spending your time.

First Things First: Furnishings

Your balcony needs to be furnished in order for it to become somewhere you can spend your time. If it’s left as an empty space, it’s more likely to be used as a dumping ground. If you live somewhere that’s hot and sunny most of the time, adding a sun lounger is the perfect step towards creating your own little haven. If you’re not so lucky with the weather, a small set of garden furniture from somewhere like The Garden Furniture Centre will ensure you have somewhere comfortable to sit when the weather is pleasant enough.

Bring the Indoors Out

Adding a small patio heater is a good way to encourage you to spend time out on your balcony in the evenings, and you can get ones that attach to the wall to avoid it taking up valuable space. If you live high up, you could even install some outdoor speakers that feed through into your apartment’s iPod docking station or CD player so you can enjoy your music outside. Basically, making your balcony as comfortable and as entertaining as the rest of your apartment will encourage you to use your outdoor space more often.

The Finishing Touches

Adding potted plants to your balcony will give it a more botanical feel and will really brighten up the space. A few colourful scatter cushions that match your interior décor will make your balcony feel more like an integral part of your home, encouraging you to spend more time outdoors. Wrapping fairy lights around your railings will add a cosy ambience to your balcony and will look great from the outside of your building if you’re on the lower floors.

It’s a shame to waste what little outdoor space you might have when just a few simple, inexpensive additions can help to make your balcony and integral part of your home or apartment. If you wanted to go one step further, you could even install floor to ceiling sliding patio doors; they’ll let in huge amounts of light and will ensure your beautifully decorated balcony is always in full view.

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