Commercial Cleaning Facilities for your Office

Every commercial office building needs to be properly maintained for the sake of the comfort and safety of the public. Schools, hospitals, offices and retail stores need to have proper cleaning and maintenance services done on a regular basis. In fact, certain cleaning procedures should be done on a daily basis in commercial buildings. For example, the floors should be cleaned at the end of each day as part of a regular cleaning and maintenance routine. Dirty floors are not only unsightly but they can be dangerous to the public. Sticky or slippery spots on a tiled floor can lead to slips and falls with some serious damages. Of course, someone would also be liable for the neglect that led to physical injuries. Bearcom Building Services are part of an example of commercial cleaning and maintenance programs available for buildings.


Carpeted floors in large buildings should also be cleaned daily to prevent the accumulation of dust and other particles that could be unhealthy to breathe. Additionally, dirty carpets that accumulate debris can also begin to give off unpleasant odors. Deep carpet cleaning services can also eliminate unsightly stains and other marks in settings such as office floors.

School and other public cafeterias can get really messy and that’s why commercial cleaning services are essential in such settings. The floors of lunchrooms are usually full of spilled beverages and food. Additionally, the tables and chairs also need to be wiped down thoroughly for sanitary purposes. Elementary, middle and high school lunchrooms need to be cleaned properly to prevent any food borne illnesses and other breeding of bacteria where children spend their time daily. In fact, disinfection is another common type of commercial cleaning service. Antiseptic sprays and other agents are applied to door handles, chairs and other items that are commonly used in public buildings. In fact, some services also provide tests for viral bacteria and other unwanted microorganisms including mold and mildew.

The exterior of a public building also needs commercial maintenance and cleaning services. Snow removal and sidewalk salt applications are essential for the safety of everyone that walks inside a commercial building. Light landscaping services also help keep the exterior in great condition by removing tree branches, leaves and other debris that can get in the way of sidewalks and driveways. Additionally, parking lots can also be cleared up and maintained properly as part of commercial building services.

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