Convert A Shed To Your Needs: Three Custom Shed Creation Ideas

shedHomeowners all over the United States scramble every year to find the storage space that they need.  Whether they need to store tools, toys or gardening equipment, the garage is just not large enough, so they decide to purchase a shed.  For decades sheds have been the go to solution for storage needs, but the quality of shed construction has risen to the point that converted sheds can be used for almost any purpose the homeowner has in mind.  With the right custom additions to the shed, homeowners can create a shed that will meet almost any demand that they might have, and they will save a ton of money in the process.


Gardening is supposed to be a relaxing hobby that is all about nurturing plants and getting life to grow out of the ground, however, that is not always the case.  Gardening requires a tremendous number of tools and gadgets to make it work properly, and it can be a nightmare to keep all of those things organized.  With a few modifications a storage shed can become the perfect gardening shed.  First, a gardening shed needs to have doors that stay open, so you can move in and out of the building with plants in your hands.  Sliding double doors are perfect for this.  You can also add things like hooks to the wall so you can hang up your gardening claws and hand spades.  Shelves can be installed to keep fertilizer out of the reach of children.  Window planters are a great way to get flowers started in a safe place off the ground so that children and small animals will not trample over them before the plants become mature.  All of these are easy customizations for a shed manufacturer.


Back in the old days people used the garage as a workshop, but now garages are so cluttered with tools and other junk, it is impossible to get any kind of work done.  Most homeowners cannot afford to add a new room to the home, so a workshop shed is the next best thing.  With an electrical package, the homeowner has the power that they need to operate power tools and lights.  Shelves and drawers make it easy to keep all of the parts organized for the various projects that need to get done.  The shed can also be designed with minimal internal structure, so there is plenty of floor space to do things like work on a car or motorcycle.


Perhaps the most unique use of the modern shed is as an additional bedroom.  The designs are pleasing to look at, so the shed looks like it belongs in the yard, and the addition of custom features makes the shed into a comfortable living space.  The room will obviously need an electrical package, but it will also need some kind of insulation.  Additional windows bring natural light into the room and makes it seem more inviting to the person sleeping in it.  The total cost of a good sized shed, with all of the customizations, is still only slightly more expensive than the demolition and prep work that would go into adding a new room to the home, and the shed accomplishes the same task without a disruption for the family.  This is an option that is thousands of dollars cheaper than adding a room to the home.

Custom shed design is all about tailoring the shed to what you have in mind for it.  With the right additions, you will be able to use the shed for anything that you have in mind, and there is almost no limit to the creativity that you can express.  The best thing that you can do is talk to a shed manufacturer about the design that you have in mind and see what they can do to help.

I am Carlos Guzman and I recently converted a shed into a bedroom for my adult daughter who had to move back home.  The experience was eye opening because of the low cost of the shed and the ease of installation.  For storage sheds Maryland residents want to convert I recommend  I wrote this article to talk about all of the different ways people can save money on the rooms that they want for their home by using a shed.


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