Could You Add Value to Your House?

Who hasn’t watched Grand Designs in awe, wishing they could construct their own palace? Maybe you have walked past that little dilapidated vicarage on the way to work every day and fantasised about how you could treasure that building with its ornate beauty and coloured glass windows. But how about turning your attention to your current property and seeing if there is anything you can do to add value to your home?

The problem with today is the fluctuating housing market; it can be confusing when trying to make plans. Depending on what you want to do, think about what would have the greatest benefit long-term.

Kitchen Crises

It is often advised that investing in your kitchen is likely to add the most value to your house if you want to sell-up. Think about who your target market may be, and if you are redecorating with a view to sell, then keep colours neutral and clean. Make the kitchen aesthetically pleasing and repair any wonky drawers. If you are doing your own DIY and renovations then Swift Trading has a wide selection of paints and power tools.

Bathroom Blues

Is the bathroom crying out for some love, with a dripping shower and paint flaking from the windows?

Think about whether a lick of paint is a substantial enough transformation, or is it time for a new bathroom suite and plumbing system? Do you wince every time you go in and see the wall-paper bubbling from patches of damp? If that’s the case, find the root of the problem instead of just papering over the cracks.

Lofty Ideas

If you are taking on the challenge of a conversion of any kind, then think realistically about your budget before you begin. A lot of projects run over and people find that they have underestimated how much extra they will need to spend. That is why it is worth doing lots of research beforehand – think honestly about what you can take on.

Gorgeous Gardens

It is very appealing for a property to have outside space, especially in cities where people live in close quarters and squabble over a square of allotment.

If you have some green space then you can really jazz it up and make it the selling point of your house. By creating a beautiful outside space, you could also take attention away from areas that need a little more TLC.


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