Creating the Iconic British Sitting Room

Interior design is often an extension of a homeowner’s personality, so the iconic British sitting room speaks volumes in terms of pride and nationality. Far from being just a well-crafted mix of styles and décor, a sitting room decorated with British influences can be more than just a home, it can become a source of identity as well.

Many Brits chose to celebrate the 2011 Royal wedding and the Queen’s jubilee with Union Jack cushions and lashings of red, white and blue. However, if you’re looking to instil a permanent sense of patriotism through your home, then here are just a few ways to achieve that dream British sitting room.

Keep it eclectic

 sitting room

The iconic British sitting room is all about an eclectic mix of design influences, hailing from different decades. This makes it a great design choice for those sharing their living space with others, as you can each introduce your own tastes throughout the room.

It can be very easy to overcomplicate an eclectic style, leaving it looking busy and unfocused. Start with the basics, such as pastille colour shades or hardwood floors, and then build on this. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours and materials, as long as they all aesthetically tie-in together.

Use bold prints


Whether you have your eye on fun floral or pretty patchwork, bold prints against a neutral colour pallet instantly gives the feel of English country living.

Avoid using printed wallpaper or carpets, instead opting for patterned soft furnishings and drapery, such as cushions or curtains. This will stop the room looking too busy and will attract focus to the more quirky touches featured in your sitting room.

Introduce wooden décor

Believe it or not, you can make your modest city apartment feel like a grand country cottage simply by cleverly tailoring the space of your room. You may not have original wooden beam features, but you can easily create an earthy warmth by introducing rustic wooden furniture.

Couple a low-standing distressed wooden coffee table with a muted plush rug for a simple effect, or choose a polished bookshelf for practical chic.

Choose regal furniture

Quilted leather sofas and chairs, such as the range of chesterfields and leather sofas by, instantly attract attention. The design has an air of monarchy about it, and can easily be introduced to both modern and classic interiors.

If you want to be bold with your finishing touches, then a chandelier can be a real talking point in any sitting room. When you are purchasing a chandelier though, make sure to carefully consider the style and size as to not risk dwarfing your other décor.

Make a statement with the some British pride

Nothing says British patriotism more than the Union Jack. Introduce the iconic print with a statement canvas that takes pride of place in your sitting room. Alternatively decorate with Union Jack cushions, throws or trunks to keep the walls understated.

If you want something a little different, then make an ode to Britain’s hugely influential music scene with vintage prints, such as those from Pedlars. Hang a framed poster of classic album covers, such as Abbey Road by the Beatles or the instantly recognisable Rolling Stones lips logo.


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