Custom Wood Prints

If you are looking for a unique gift, why not consider custom wood printing? Sure, stretched canvas can look nice, but the grain of wood makes for a truly unique and impressive looking print. The best part is that each grain tells its own story, like fingerprints. Having the grain itself show through the actual artwork or photo has the effect of setting a very subtle organic tone to the work itself. It can be a great way to immortalize special family moments or events. Since each custom gift will have a different grain pattern, no one else will ever have the same piece.

Custom Wood PrintsFamily Portraits:
As a unique gift, you have to look no further than a family portrait. Basically, you simply supply the photo itself and then a special printing process is able to transfer this directly to the wood base of your choosing. You may even pick from a single photo, collage, or even a multi panel wooden base. Imagine having your family memories immortalized in such a way that also emphasizes the rich and organic tones of the grain itself? Do you really think that any of your friends will have such a thing?

Custom Wood Printing For Displays:
Another interesting idea would be for a business to use a custom wood print as a display. Of course, this is something that has been around for a long time, but was used mainly in times past. Having such signage or displays could give a place of business a certain ‘old fashion’ feel to it. Not to mention that there are also practical reasons for this like durability and a low cost. You could have your own unique branding using organic tones that would certainly be hard to duplicate or imitate by your competitors.

Your Own Artwork on Display:
A third option to consider with wood printing is that you can put your own art on wood. This is really the whole purpose, to get your own designs into a medium that truly says something about who you are. Simply take your own painting or other artwork or design and upload it. It can be printed on the type and size of wood that you desire. You will be amazed at the results, seeing your own work on display.

Wood Prints to Reminisce:
Perhaps there is a special place that you have visited, or a special time that you shared with someone. You no doubt have photographs of these memories. Why not turn them into real unique memories and gifts? Wood prints make all of the colors of your photos more vibrant. This helps to give the impression and feeling of the image literally popping off the screen. You will also find that each print is also able to capture the beautiful wood grain that is able to give your image a new life.

Best of all, these memories will last forever. Everything about your custom wood prints can be tailored to your specifications. This includes spreading your prints or images over multiple canvasses of different sizes or even using bigger (or smaller) canvasses than standard. All of your special gifts will come ready to hang right out of the box, without any kind of special mounting instructions. If you like, you can even stand your wood print on a table rather than mount it to a wall.

Written by Trent Barric, who is the Director of Partnership at Woodinked.


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