Decorating Your Dish

Decorating Your Dish

Satellite TV has become very popular, and satellite dishes are abundant around neighborhoods. As some find the dish aesthetically distasteful, there is debate among some homeowner associations on how best to deal with the prolific figures.

Decorating Your DishHiders vs. Flaunters

Some homeowners prefer to hide their satellite dishes. They most often paint them to fade into the background of the area in which they’re placed. Painted to look like brick façade, evergreen trees, or gray shingles, these dishes are slightly less obvious. Another hiding trick is “dish gardening.” For those whose dish is close to the ground, attractive hedges may be planted as camouflage.

Flaunters, on the other hand, use their satellite dish as an external canvas on which to portray their artistic style. Stickers may be purchased that depict smiley faces, nature scenes, and sports logos. There are a myriad of options for those who choose to flaunt instead of hide. Some prefer a personal touch and hire painters to decorate their dish with a picture of the family dog, or a favorite family locale.

Holiday Expression

Homeowners who love to express their creativity and style via their satellite dish are also finding ways to decorate them for the holiday season. Satellite stickers depicting Santa Claus, brightly decorated Christmas trees, shadowy reindeer, happy snowmen and glowing ornaments are available for purchase. Others choose to decorate their dish along with their rooftops or houses, adding lights and other decorations to express their holiday spirit. Even those who camouflage their dishes, often use their “hiding” hedges and other plantings as backdrop for beautiful, twinkling Christmas lights.

Homeowners who prefer to hide their satellite dish using a “dish rock,” made of lightweight material that allows the satellite signal to pass through, have holiday options as well. Some prefer to use the “rock” as a backdrop and decorate it with lights, perhaps adding colorful holiday statues or a nativity scene in front of it. A few unique individuals have constructed their own lightweight covers depicting colorful holiday scenes – Santa with his 8 reindeer landing on a roof or a cozy living room scene complete with Christmas tree and roaring fire.

One last popular camouflage for your dish is a plant cover, which attaches easily to the satellite dish and looks like natural foliage. The plant leaves may be arranged as necessary to cover whichever portion of the dish you would like to hide. This cover lends itself to easy decorating when the holidays roll around. Simply add lights or holly with red bows as you would for any portion of your outdoor display. It’s festive decorating at its easiest.

Dish Protection

Some homeowners prefer to use a satellite dish cover as protection from the snow and winter elements. Covers are available in a variety of custom colors and styles. You can choose a neutral color that best matches your dish, or customize a cover to match your rooftop or environment in which the dish resides. Because the worst winter months are often around the Christmas season, some homeowners prefer the bright red or green covers to brighten their landscape and add to the holiday festivity.

So whether you hide or flaunt your dish, let the creativity abound!


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