Decorating Your House with Vintage Lights

Choosing vintage lights for home decoration is a perfect choice. They look great. They are worth bragging about. You will feel like you live in a luxurious house when this furniture is inside. This is not an automatic deal though. You need to decorate your house properly in order for the furniture to shine. If you place these items in the wrong area or you match them with the wrong décor, they won’t look great. Here are some important considerations when decorating your house using vintage lights.

Place outside for people to see

Again, these lights are worth bragging about. They look great when hung on your porch or somewhere outside where people can see them. Just make sure though that they are protected especially from the rain. If they get wet, the bulbs might be affected especially if they are exposed. There are other items however, that are not for outdoor use at all. It is best if you know first which ones can be used outdoors.

Change the other décor

If you are planning to go with vintage furniture, you can’t match it with non-vintage designs at home. You have to overhaul your home décor. You need to replace whatever doesn’t jive with the theme. If you don’t want to waste old items, perhaps you can choose different themes for different areas or rooms.

Don’t put a lot of lights in one area

You want each vintage light to shine bright. Therefore, you should only put one in a certain area and the rest in others. You want to give it a chance to shine. This is why houses usuallyhave one huge chandelier in the middle. They don’t put one there and hang smaller chandeliers around it. Though it looks good, it takes away the focus from the centerpiece.

Determine where to find bulb replacements

Before decorating anything, you have to check first if the industrial lighting bought functions well. The light must be in great condition. If it is, you won’t have a problem. It is best though if you ask in advance where you can find a bulb replacement just in case it wears out. Take note that vintage lights are not the same as antique lights. For sure, you can easily find replacements in stores today. The lights used are modern. Some vintage lighting furniture pieces even used LED lights.

Once you are done with your decoration, you will surely appreciate what you have created. You have just transformed the overall look of your house. You have made it look more exquisite, as if millionaires reside inside.

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