Door And Window Sensors-Absolute Front Line Defense In Home Security

If you think about it, the best and front line defense in any home begins with secure windows and doors. Millions of burglaries are reported every year and about 70 percent of them are home break-ins and the common entry points thieves use are unsecured windows and doors. This is why protecting yours is very important. Apart from going for reliable door and window lock system, you might want to think about the importance of sensors for the window and door. They are able to prevent entry to your home ensuring there is zero danger to your family and home.

How Window And Door Sensors Work

Obviously, any item that can open and close, whether it is a drawer, cabinet, window or door can easily be protected through the use of a window and door sensor alarm. Wireless or wired, it is easy to install them in a home under construction or one that is already inhabited. Wireless sensors cost more than wired ones especially because you can easily move them around.

Window and door safety sensors have a magnet and a sensor. A sensor is mounted on a door or window frame while the magnet is connected to the door or window. Once the alarm has been enabled, a magnetically connected simple circuit triggers the alarm if there is any disturbance. Closing or opening the window or door upsets the current, sounding the alarm while the homeowner is remotely contacted through a home security monitoring service or the system, perhaps right into a Tablet or Smartphone.

Top Window And Door Alarm Sensors

Window Sensor DS10A

This is a highly rated window and door sensor with simple sleek design and very easy to use. It comes with a longer battery life and has a better range than a standard window and door sensor.

GE Security Wireless Interlogix NX650

This popular window and door sensor device is wireless, discreet and small with an inbuilt strip terminal to allow hardware connection with contacts. You can install it not just on doors and windows but virtually on anything that closes and opens.

Doberman Security SE-0129

Due to its unique features, it is a favorite sensor among many homeowners including the fact that it comes with 95dB alarm. It also has options of switching the alarm to a certain mode, such as chimes, easy to install and comes with the capability of using a battery especially if there are power outages.

Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave

Those homeowners in search of a window or door sensor with certain option sets will find this a better device. The sensor comes with a number of top-notch features such as concealed security prevention tamper activation, 300 foot detection range and ability to send radio signals to a maximum of six Z-Wave associated devices.

GE 45131 Choice-Alert

This is a wireless sensor and made by GE security. It is an economical device for those homeowners looking for additional security wirelessly without most of the complex features most sensor devices come with. It is quite easy to install, capable of operating within a range of 150 feet and weather resistant.


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