Ensure the Safety of your Devices with Portable Appliance Testing

No matter what industry you are in, it is more or less guaranteed that you will have a huge amount of electrical appliances in your business. The first few items that will spring to mind will be electrical appliances like the computers, printers, scanners and other IT equipment, but as well as this there will also be items like the kettle, toaster, refrigerator and plenty more. This is already quite a large amount, and when you consider how dangerous electricity is and how many injuries and deaths there are each year it can cause you quite a bit of concern. The solution to soothing these concerns is something called portable appliance testing, and this should be carried out regularly to ensure that each electrical device is working and safe to use by you and your employees. This testing is a requirement where there is no set frequency as to how often it should be carried out, but it is something that you should look to do often.



Once a device passes you can certify and put a sticker on it stating that it is safe to use and when the test was carried out, and this way if something were to happen then you can prove that it was tested not too long ago and deemed safe at the time. You can train to become a portable appliance tester which will allow you to carry out all the sufficient testing that you need to do, and this is the best way as it is cost effective and allows you to carry out the testing whenever you wish. As well as learning how to become a tester, you will also need the right testing equipment to make sure that all of your appliances are safe to use, and once you have this then you can begin straight away.


Finding the right Testing Equipment

There are all kinds of different PAT testers, test kits, accessories and equipment available, and your best bet would be to visit a portable appliance testing specialist, like PASS, as companies like this will have everything you need and will be able to guide you too. You will then be ready to carry out sufficient portable appliance testing in your place of work, and this will help to alleviate any stress that you have about your appliances, and it also will ensure that each one is working properly and safe to use by everyone.

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