Fresh Palettes for Your Home’s Exterior

Does your home need a facelift? Do you need to repaint the exterior of your home but aren’t sure where to begin? While the color you choose may depend in part on your home’s style and on the look and feel of your neighborhood, you can still customize your exterior to reflect the look and feel that you desire. These fresh palettes and home painting design ideas will give you inspiration and kick your curb appeal up to the next level.

Ivory with White and Aqua Accents

This color combination is a lovely way to push traditionally styled, symmetrical exteriors in a new direction. Opt for an ivory as your base color with white trim, but color your front door and a few accent pieces with soothing aqua paint. It’s an approach that says, traditional but still fun!

Clear Aqua with Royal Purple and Clean White Accents

This palette draws its inspiration from the ocean and sky, making it perfect for a cozy seaside cottage. Choose a soothing aqua as your base color with pops of royal purple, the color of a stormy sky, and clean white accent colors.

Mustard with Brown and Honeysuckle Accents

While this palette may seem outside of the box, it actually works nicely as an updated look for a traditional craftsman style home. Using mustard yellow as your base color creates the feel that your home is warm and inviting. Dark brown and bright honeysuckle trim add notes of grounding and bright happiness, creating a feeling of balance.

Cool Sage Green with Buttery Yellow and Bright White Accents

This cool toned palette creates a feeling of serenity and pairs nicely with a countryside home. The sage green base color emanates peace while a soft buttery yellow says happiness. Adding a few bright white accents is a way to clean up the overall look.

Slate Grey with Royal Turquoise and Crisp White Accents

Again, this color palette works well to create an updated look for a traditional home. A mid-toned slate gray pairs nicely with wooden siding, while a royal turquoise door and other accents offer a more modern push. A few crisp white accents work to define the entire look.

Sunflower Yellow with Warm Cinnamon and Off White Accents

This palette enhances the beauty of a Spanish style home. A bright sunflower hue works well as a base color for adobe type walls, while warm cinnamon doors and tiles warm up the look and create a sense of hominess. Off-white accent pieces finish off the overall color scheme, tying it all together.

Apricot with Peach Cream and Sage Green Accents

This color palette for your exterior works well if you want to emphasize your front door or a similar, single accent piece. Choose a base color, soft apricot, and accent color, peach cream, that are close to one another, then accent your front door with a different but complementary color. This approach makes your home seem welcoming by beckoning guests to approach.

Canary Yellow with Soft Grey

This two-tone styling works well with a modern style home. Although modern exteriors often feature neutral tones, opting for something a bit more bright and less expected is a way to draw attention to the distinctive architectural features of your modern home. Don’t be afraid to go big when you paint your home, provided that your architecture matches.

Spring Green with Celestial Blue and Cotton White Accents

This cool-toned palette draws its inspiration from the natural world. Pair a spring green base color with celestial blue and soft cottony white accent colors. While this color combination could work for a variety of homes, it is especially beautiful on a traditional, Victorian style home.

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