Girly interior designs for the modern female’s home

What exactly does the modern female want from her home? Anything, just so long as it’s pink?


No, that’s far too predictable. Women want more from their interior spaces and have pretty firm ideas about how to achieve the look they desire. Is your home a nest, a haven, a spa, a boudoir, an office, a crash pad, or a place to entertain? The answer to all this is, yes! Modern women know what they like and when it comes to home interiors the demands ramp up.


girly interior designs

We can make so many lazy assumptions about what constitutes a girly interior and it is important not to make generalizations. One girl’s interior design heaven could be another’s interior design hell. It all depends on the individual’s tastes and requirements.


With girly interior design we tend to find a certain softness and playfulness that perhaps is missing from more masculine interiors. Women often choose more floral schemes, including sumptuous and delicate designs, whereas men head straight for the chrome, matt black, leather and stripes department.


Feminine interiors incorporate curved designs, lack symmetry and have a distinctly relaxed feel. We like to indulge our sensual side and will veer towards materials with a tactile, textural appeal. Fabric and soft furnishing choices are frequently in the floral and toile areas, and shades range from cool pastels to hot pinks and warm earthy reds. Girly interiors are big on detail, with intricate wallpaper designs, fine vintage lace and sumptuous draperies. Feminine interiors also often feature favorite collections on display, such as antique porcelain or vintage hats, for example. Girly interiors are more loose and likely to embrace the idea of chaos abandonment and allowing happy accidents to occur.


So, whether you are a woman craving an interior with elegance, opulence, retro glamor or shabby chic, these are all styles that lend themselves wonderfully to the full girly treatment.


Women wishing to grab a little retro glamor in their lives tend to select modern materials and combine them with vintage pieces. With a good eye and a tenacious attitude, all those trips to flea markets and yard sales will pay dividends when it comes to putting together a convincing retro glamor interior scheme. A modern glass dining table juxtaposed against some reclaimed oak floorboards oozes a relaxed style and confidence, as well as being supremely practical.


A shabby chic interior blended with a little French romantic style can really deliver a well-balanced feminine look, without being too over-the-top and excessively frilled. The Barbie meets Barbara Cartland look may seem like a good idea on paper, but is it really sustainable on a daily basis? Sooner or later all those rose buds, fondant pinks, frills and froth will be giving you a migraine. Compromise by combining shabby chic with Gallic charm, source a well upholstered chaise longue, some curvy-legged boudoir furniture, a romantic sleigh bed and fabrics in classic French pastoral toile. It’s shabby; it’s chic and sooooo sexy.


Home interiors are all about reflecting who we are, and this means that in reality, anything goes. Girly interiors are all about being fun and flirty, cool and hip, functional and practical, and bold and daring. And like any other interior design project, choose schemes that raise a smile, create a stir, and most of all, feel like home.

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