Give Your Bathroom a New Style With These Simple Tips

Renovating your bathroom can seem like quite a daunting task. So much so that the majority of homeowners will leave their bathroom as it is and instead focus on other areas of the home when they feel the needs to update its style.

And while it’s true that a total bathroom renovation can be quite a nightmare there is a range of small changes which you can make to keep your bathroom looking modern and inviting.


Start With a Fresh Coat of Paint

The first place to start with breathing new life into your bathroom is a fresh coat of paint. Only it isn’t going to be white! In contrast to what you may be have been brought up to believe, there is no real reason why your bathroom walls or ceiling need to be white.

Instead, when choosing a new color, consider warm tones like oranges and browns which can not only work to make your bathroom space more inviting and comforting but can also hide small amounts of dirt and grime before it needs to be cleaned.


Change Your Lighting

If you haven’t changed a thing in your bathroom since your home was built then there is a good chance that your bathroom is lit by a  single bulb in the middle of your ceiling. If this is the case for your bathroom, swap it out for a smart LED bulb replacement.

Once installed into your existing light socket and connected wirelessly to your smartphone, these bulbs can be programmed to display any range of light levels.

For example, if you prefer to enter the bathroom during the early hours of the morning with low light intensity then you can set this on your phone. Similarly, if you just want a plain dim or you even want to change the color entirely, you can also do this through an app on your phone.


Replace Your Mirror

Given that your mirror is the primary way that you know just how good you look before you leave the house, it’s important that you are looking in the best mirror possible.

Head to your local lighting and home decor store and pick up a styling new mirror with either strip LED lighting or Hollywood style bulbs around the border. This small touch can add a glamorous feel to your bathroom.

Of course, while you are replacing your bathroom mirror why not add a little bit of functionality by choosing a mirror which opens up to relieve storage. Whether it’s to store your creams, lotions, or your the ever-growing collection of accessories from the Groupon Coupons page for Express, storage behind your mirror is a great way to remove clutter from your countertops and give your bathroom a fresh and clean feel.

Just because you don’t have the time or the money for a complete bathroom renovation doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your bathroom style up to date. If you have some free time and an urge for a DIY project, keep this list in mind and bring a new style to a space you spend a lot of your time in! It deserves it!

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