Green Tips to Clean, Organise, and Energise Your House

The cleanliness of our house is important to us. The state of a house affects the state of the living beings residing inside. It is good to use the best products that help us clean our house in the best possible way. However, in a bid to improve the interior of our house, we must not forget the well-being of our environment.

SPRING clean

We often use products that jeopardize the health of the atmosphere we live in. And these products are not only bad for the environment, but they also pose danger to our health by way of hazardous chemicals present in them. So, if you truly care for the environment and wish not to disturb the ecological balance just to set a few things right at your home, you must vow to ‘Go Green’ this year.

Whether you want to clean your toilet and make it sparkle, have mirrors that are so clean that they could reflect your soul, control the pest population of your house so that they don’t bother you, and make the atmosphere of your home fragrant, you can do all this using green means. You don’t need to use harsh, chemical products that only damage your skin and are a burden on the environment.

While choosing products to clean your house, don’t get lured by brand names or the highly advertised products. Apply common sense and use the products that are easily available, safe, and minimize wastage.

Follow these Green Tips to Clean and Organize Your House:

1. Stain Cleaners:
• Lime Juice: We find stains everywhere in our house –mirrors, walls, door and window surfaces, and even on our skin. Most of us would go for expensive cleaning solutions available in the market. However, one piece of advice to you is – please chuck those products and turn to the humble yet powerful home cleanser named lemon. This omnipotent cleanser, available in all households, is a great way to clean most surfaces. And yes, it is not slow, tardy, or ineffective. Squeeze a lemon or two, fill a cup with lemon juice, dip a sponge into it, and swoosh clean all the surfaces with this wonderful and pleasant-smelling cleanser.
• Vinegar: Another powerful, green alternative to using chemical cleansers is vinegar. This acetic acid solution is a powerful cleaner and won’t disappoint you by leaving few stains unattended. Rub this solution on the stains vigorously and see the magic happen. Even stubborn stains may come off. Please note that to obtain the maximum benefit from this solution, use a concentrated solution and not a dilute one as the latter may not be so effective. Toilet cleaning is done best with vinegar solution.

2. Tap the Great Resource –Sunlight: After washing and mopping the floors, walls, kitchen counters, and other surfaces, we turn on the A/C to dry them up quickly. Banish this habit. It is good to switch on the AC during harsh summers, but for drying purposes, pull off the curtains, open the windows and doors to let in the sunlight, however strong it may be. Sun-drying is a great way to treat your wet floors. They don’t just get dried, but are disinfected too. Sunlight is the best germ killer ever if tapped smartly. A/Cs release CFCs – the ozone-layer depleting gas, and it is high time we think of the very layer that protects us from the harmful UV rays threatening to endanger our life on earth.
3. Keep Plants at Home: Keeping few pots of plants like rose, money plant, or a vegetable plant is a nice way to increase the level of oxygen of your house. If you have plants in your house, you will be forced to keep the windows open so that they don’t perish. So, it’s dual benefit for you. Sunlight and oxygen freely flowing into your house keep many a germ away.
4. Make Best out of Waste: If you have small rags of clothes or old newspapers stacked in the cupboard, make the best use of these. You can use these to mop the floors, walls, or furniture surfaces. If you have old bottles of liquid soaps, antiseptic cleaners, or other solutions, make sure you get them refilled. Buying a new bottle every time which is mostly made of plastic is like increasing the burden on the environment. We all know that plastic is not biodegradable.
5. Natural Deodorizing: In order to remove nasty stinks from your house, dip a few petals of rose or other fragrant flower into hot water, make a concoction of that, store in a spraying bottle, and spray whiffs of this at regular intervals. You could do the same with orange, sweet lime, or pineapples. You house will smell like a garden or a lovely orchard.
6. Green Housecleaning Help: If you find cleaning your house an overwhelming task, hire house cleaners and ask them to clean your house as per your requirements. You can ask them to use only green and organic products to accomplish this. Also when you are away from your home during vacation you can hire services like housekeeping Hamptons to take care of your home. They have staffs that are adept at carrying out any activity related to house.

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