Hardwood Flooring – A Comprehensive Guide

Hardwood flooring can be a matter of elegance for some, for others, it can be nothing more than simply choice. Whichever the way, before someone thinks of putting flooring of hardwood, one needs to know some basic things about this kind of flooring. Here are those facts:

There are two kinds of wood flooring: Bamboo flooring and Grass flooring. Basically both of these are considered hardwood flooring and can be found with Global Hardwood & Supplies of Thousand Oaks. StillHardwood flooring needs to be better understood. Hardwood flooring is made up of planks milled from a single piece of timber. Today these are used as sub – floors in many of the houses and offices. This kind of flooring is generally used in offices, schools and some hospitals too. Hotels find these as one of the good alternatives. While it has not gained popularity in Asian countries, it finds place in nations like New England, Eastern Canada and Europe where it is more popular. The reason can be attributed to a thicker wear surface area and a good finishing which comes out of the hardwood flooring.

Properties of Hardwood:


Hardwood is popular due to several reasons. It has some of the best properties, which is not there in any other such kind of flooring. Harwood contrasts with softwood in the sense that it has pores or vessels. The vessels show considerable variation in size, shape of perforation plates and the structure of cell wall. Hardwoods are basically deciduous species. These include oak which makes for one of the best hardwood floorings.


While hardwood has various uses, it is widely accepted in construction of houses, floors and walls. It is used in residential building, industrial, commercial, institutional and heavy construction. It is used in which large scale sectors because of its property as it can be sanded off in future refinishing steps. (This happens as hard surface layer of bamboo flooring is thin and it cannot be sanded and refinished like solid – wood).


It is so much widely used as it not only gives a good finish but also adds beauty to the house. When put in an architectural manner it adds to the define-ness of the house. It is also easy to maintain with small wipes and clear cloth. One put on the floor; it does not require much of maintenance. If any stains are there, they can be easily taken off with the use of oil and wax. (Generally, beeswax and linseed oil are used to remove the stains.ime to remove the oil stains which are comparatively hard). Although all kind of stains can be removed, yet it takes). So, put it not only adds to the beauty but also elegance plus maintenance is also less.


For installation, three methods are used. These include Tounge and Groove, Click Systems, Floor Connection Systems and Glue Down method. As per the area and the geographical location where hardwood has to be installed, these systems are used. Meet a Thousand Oaks CA flooring company today.

Hardwood flooring can be generally seen in those areas which have less rain and humidity. In some hill-stations, these can be used as extensively used. Reasons are many – for you however it remains the same – your choice.

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