Home Improvements for the Rich and Famous

Money cannot buy you happiness, but it most certainly can buy you all the material possessions you desire. The rich have a lot of disposable income to spend on just about anything. With a lot of money, wealthy people spend tons of cash upgrading their homes. You may find some of their home accessories cool or simply too much, wayaffluent homeowners have all the money they need to do whatever they deem fit with their houses.Here are some home improvements that may make you envious of the rich and famous, or they may even make you shake your head in disbelief.


Indoor Bowling Alley

If you are a person who loves bowling, you may want to have your home installed with an indoor bowling alley. You will definitely have your neighbors drooling with envy and your friends and family not wanting to leave the house. Famous people such as novelist Nicholas Sparks have their very own bowling alley in their homes. If you desire to have a bowling alley at home, you will require a room that is at least 100 feet long and 14 feet wide, which can see you spend well over $1000.

Indoor Basketball Court

Thousands of people around the world enjoy playing basketball. As a result, basketball courts are common to find in residential neighborhoods. Basketball is a great calorie burner that keeps teenagers engaged in healthy sport. If you can afford it, private basketball court is not a bad idea. You can take your existing garage and turn it into an indoor court for shooting hoops. The advantage of having a basketball courtat home is that there are many home renovation companies that can help you put all the fixings in place.

Golf course

Despite the occasional ball that may come bursting through your window, living near a golf course for any lover of the game is simply amazing. For most people with large pieces of property, setting up a scenic golf course is indeed a worthwhile home improvement. However if you have the money you may want to transform your expansive backyard into a mini-golf course, go right ahead. It may cost you millions, but you will most certainly become the envy of your friends and neighbors.

Home Elevators

If you own your very own mansion, why not go a notch higher and install a state of the art elevator that will take you from your living room to your bedroom in just seconds. Make a statement by installing a lift made of glass finishing to add flare to your house. The good thing about elevators is that there is a variety of models for you to make your pick. Elevators can enhance your home décor. Unlike the home improvement gadgets mentioned above, home elevators are cheaper and can be installed even in one-story homes. In addition, installation and maintenance of home lifts are manageable, which is why these structures are becoming more and more common in affluent homes.

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