Homeowner Expenses You Never Thought About

It is always a huge move to purchase your first house. It’s like you are taking the final step into adulthood (besides marriage) and you are planting roots not just for yourself, but hopefully your family someday. Whether you bought it outright or you have a monthly mortgage payment, it is still a big commitment. And although you may think the hardest part is over, you are just getting started. There are expenses that come along with owning a home that you probably never considered when you were just renting.


Appliance Repair

When something went wrong with an appliance in the past, you merely called up your landlord and had them take care of it. But now when the appliance breaks down, the pressure falls on your shoulders. If you still have a warranty on it, then the solution is easy. However, if that warranty is long gone, then what do you do? You could always call a specialized GE appliance repair company and have them take care of it. After about a year or so, you will these people stored in your phone so you will automatically know whom to reach out to when you are in a bind.


Water in the Basement

No matter if your house is brand new or a hundred years old, having water in the basement is a common thing. If it frequently happens, you may have to invest in a sump pump. If you already have a sump pump, you may have to seal your basement walls and put in an additional sump pump. Water in the basement can be expensive to fix, but it will cost a lot more if you wait too long and have a flood down there instead.


Leaky Roof

Hopefully, your home inspection caught if there is a leaky roof on your house. The inspector should have climbed into the attic and looked around with his flashlight. But if it is not actively raining when they do it, they might just overlook something. If you do have a leak in your roof, you may be in luck and just need a quick patch job. Replacing a whole roof could run you more than ten grand, so if just one area needs to be fixed, you may be looking at merely a few hundred. Who knows? It might just be something that you can fix yourself with a couple of products from the local hardware store. A little sweat equity without having to contact a professional!


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