How to Create a Tasteful Colourful Interior

If you’re hot on your interior trends, you may have noticed that the neutral home is on its way out. In its place, bright, bold looks that put a heavy emphasis on colour. But with colourful interiors having a connotation of youth, you can run the risk of creating a juvenile or even childish aesthetic. So, how can you use colours while still maintaining a mature and stylish look?

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Colour Harmony


When working with brighter colours, its even more important to consider the balance within the room. It’s a good idea to set out a colour palette and stick to it to avoid creating a busy design. Colour harmony doesn’t mean that you can’t use contrasting colours however. There are three basic schemes to work with when it comes to colours and they are tonal, harmonious and complementary. Tonal schemes use the same colour but in varying shades. Harmonious colour schemes focus on working with colours close to each other in the colour wheel and complementary colours focus on colours at opposite spectrums on the colour wheel. For colourful homes, its a great idea to work with complementary schemes. For example, pink and green work wonderfully together, giving you a sophisticated yet fresh aesthetic.




As important as the wall colours are, the accessories and furnitures are just as crucial. How you work the decor in the room will ultimately determine the overall feeling of the room. If you’re apprehensive about committing to wall colours, then furniture is fantastic compromise. Neutral walls matched with vibrant accessories means you can rework these at  later date without having to change the fixtures and fittings. Rugs are the best way of bringing life and character to your floor and also allows you to work with accent colours seamlessly. Using a colourful or patterned rug opens up the opportunity to incorporate a range of colours, so is ideal for lively interiors.




The palettes you should be looking at are largely dependent on the light you have available in your home. In smaller homes, stick to slightly more pastel inspired colours. The less light, the smaller the room will feel when using daring colours. Try using the odd bright colour matched with whites and greys to keep the room feeling spacious. If you’re lucky enough to have a property with plenty of access to natural light, then you should use bold colours to your advantage. The extra light really emphasises the use of colours and allows you to branch out in to darker, more atmospheric tones.

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Colourful homes are coming further in to the spotlight with each passing month and before long the neutral home will be a thing of the past. Get ahead of the trend now and transform your home in to a colour wheel haven that is as unique as it is stylish.

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