How to Decorate a Rockabilly Themed Kitchen

Whether you’re living a rockabilly lifestyle or just like 50’s themed kitchens, it’s always nice to incorporate the “American diner” vibe into your home. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to achieve the look.

Elmira Kitchen

Step 1.

Use natural materials, ceramic tiles and woods such as oak or birch for your furniture. Keep the walls simple in either white or cream, but use pastels for a 50s rockabilly touch — open shelves in a turquoise or burnt yellow will radiate the style.

Step 2.

Checkered vinyl flooring is essential. Decorate your floor in black and white plaid linoleum.

Step 3.

Keep your windows clear and let the daylight shine through to keep your kitchen bright. Do not cover your windows with opaque curtains; instead, hang up valances with floral designs in mint green and turquoise pastels.

Step 4.

Use 50’s style kitchen appliances — a fridge and freezer in a chubby shape and a round table for four in red and silver steel. Steel lampshades and spotlights will also work great.

Step 5.

Hang up a 60’s designed string shelf in light oak for your cookbooks; and let a couple of worn and rusty crates in dark wood stand freely on the floor. Fill them with drinks bottles or flowers for a rustic retro feel.

Step 6.

Keep your kitchen open with free surfaces and store small items in closed cabinets and drawers. Keep your appliances in plain view, such as your coffee maker, toaster and bread maker. This will add some more color.

Step 7.

Keep your shelves open and decorate with bowls, cups, pots and pans in classic 50’s designs.

Step 8.

Adorn your kitchen table with a red and white tablecloth and place retro style salt, pepper and sugar shakers on top.

Step 9

Cover your kitchen with vintage advertisements and classic movie posters. Perhaps even spice it up with a neon sign in bright pink.

When you first start your foray into the rockabilly world, it’s always good to change your decor. This will help you feel more comfortable as you’ll be around it every day.

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Josefine Andreasson loves vintage and retro style and has been blogging about the topic for the past four years. In addition to decor, she also enjoys writing about rockabilly fashion.

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