How to Protect Your Vehicle from Criminals

Car crime is always a concern for anyone who owns their own vehicle. A car is an easy target and a great way for thieves to make money. Most cars when stolen are stripped down and used for parts but they can also be used in crimes and often simply taken for a ride and then destroyed, just for pleasure. If you have a vehicle it is down to you to take precautionary measures to protect it.




Always Lock Your Car and Never Leave it Running

It may sound obvious to remind you to lock your car but many people neglect this simple security step. If you’re quickly popping into a local shop or running into the school playground to pick up your children you may neglect to lock the doors, assuming the vehicle will be safe for a few minutes. Sadly up to 50% of vehicles that are stolen are left open, which just goes to show that not everyone is remembering to lock their doors each time they leave the vehicle. Additionally, many individuals who don’t remember to lock the doors also leave the keys in the ignition; this is too tempting for a criminal to ignore, so always take your keys with you.

Point the Wheels to the Kerb as a Deterrent

Tow trucks are sometimes used to steal cars and vehicles. You can make it harder for these thieves to steal your car by pointing the wheels into the kerb when you park. This is an excellent way of making it harder to tow vehicles away. It’s also worth backing your vehicle into your driveway if it is a rear wheel drive.  Again this method makes it very difficult to tow your vehicle away, so always park front end first.  Finally you can also make towing trickier by using your emergency brake whenever you park.

Don’t Leave Valuable Objects in Your Car

Never leave your bags, electrical devices or any loose change in your vehicle. Thieves will find it too irresistible to ignore such valuable objects that are clearly on display. It’s important that you never store your registration, title or any other formal documents in your car either. The criminal will not be able to sell your car so easily if they don’t have these formal documents.

Use Your Garage for Your Car Not for Storage

Many home owners have a garage yet only a small proportion of these garages are actually used to store the car in overnight. A garage is an excellent way of deterring thieves as they need to break into the garage before they even attempt to steal the car. When you park your car in the garage ensure you lock the doors along with your vehicle doors. If the doors to your garage are old consider replacing them with quality doors that will add some extra protection. If you need new garage doors or would like to build your own garage on your property click here to learn about your options.


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