How to select the best home services

Most busy individuals and families know they should compare and contrast available home-related services before agreeing to a long-term contract. For example, many tv and internet providers request commitments of at least a year to ‘lock-in’ their lowest advertised rates. And in order to get favorable directv bundles prices, the minimum contract commitment may be two years or more. In some cases, depending upon an individual’s credit rating, the service provider may request expensive deposits to secure services.



Unfortunately, homeowners and renters sometimes commit to the first service provider with whom they connect, without doing the research that can save them money or services best suited to their needs. They are “too busy to think about it!” Work and family commitments can make taking the time necessary to analyze the best deals especially challenging.

Of course, most people know they can hire others to perform these tasks. Individuals or businesses advertising online or on community message boards offer errand-running or concierge services for an hourly or per project fee. But these costs of paying for these services sometimes outweighs perceived benefits. Time-strapped individuals and families vow to perform all these tasks somehow.

What if busy people could actually obtain the helping hands and focused brain power they need, for free?

Concierge services help super-busy people perform tasks, such as those related to making a move. The concierge service negotiates attractive fees for home-related services for the individual or family, but is paid a finder’s fee or commission by the Internet or cable provider, the utility company, or security systems installer!

Think of a concierge as a second pair of hands or a personal assistant. For example, arranging a move across town or the entire company involves a long list of tasks, such as finding new phone service or filing a change of address notice with the post office. Some examples of tasks include contacting existing utilities–for electricity, natural gas, home heating oil, water, garbage collection, and more. Disconnect utility service calls can take quite a while to accomplish. Existing utilities must get shut off at the right date, and not beforehand. Then, utilities must be available at the new home or apartment at the right time, not beforehand or days after the move.

Disconnecting the utilities services at the existing home and connecting services at the new address is a time-consuming process. Failure to perform the tasks necessary to moving house yields frustration or delays related to the move-in.

Concierge services reduce the number of outgoing calls the busy person or family must make to cross essential tasks from the to-do list. Kandela Concierge Services is an example of a concierge services provider.

Hiring a concierge service makes good financial sense for busy people. The numbers of ways the concierge can help are almost limitless!

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