How to Spruce Up the Interior Without Breaking Your Budget

Upgrading your home’s interior isn’t easy when you’re trying to avoid spending too much. You must look at conserving your dollars. We’d suggest spending only on items that will have a significant impact on the ambiance in the room or your creature comforts. Carefully applying other home interior tweaks often produces better results than splashing out a pricey shopping trip at a big box store. It pays to be more selective when watching your pennies.

Here are some ideas about how to start and where your focus should be.

Assess What You Have First

Walk through each room of your home to see what the worst offenders are when it comes to layout. Look at the positioning of the furniture. Sometimes, rooms are overflowing with attractive furniture, but it makes the rooms feel smaller than they really are.

Start with the room that has the most items occupying the space and feels too cramped. Consider which belongings are necessary vs those which are purely decorative and don’t have a specific function. You should now have a shortlist of furniture, rugs and other possessions that might need removing once you get started.

Use the Focal Point Idea to Simplify Each Space

Create a focal point for each room and use the furnishings to decorate around that spot. Create areas for different purposes and reorganize the layout to that end. Sprucing up the interior, especially when trying to save the pennies, requires getting creative. Use what’s already there but hidden with too much “stuff.” Now remove the items that don’t fit the focal point approach and store them in the garage temporarily.

With the first room now clearer, you can see better what you’re working with. What’s attractive to you about the space now? What is its best purpose for the future? Perhaps you wish to create a new play area for the kids or change the storage options to declutter the space further?

Light and Shade

The level of illumination with the lighting changes how a room feels. When it’s too dim, it sets a tone that’s neither positive or uplifting. Create an interior that puts a smile on your face when walking into the room after a long day at the office.

LED lighting is likely the brightest option, but you can also go with several lighting choices include using the existing lights and adding secondary ones to provide multiple light sources. Consider using energy-efficient spiral light bulbs – they’re available in plenty of vibrant colors and only use 15-watts per bulb! It won’t cost the earth to add better lighting and you can use various lights at different times to set the right mood too.

For the windows, perhaps some are showing their age? If you’d prefer to cover them up when guests are coming over or just because… then you might want to think about getting some rolling blinds or shades to cover the window. The ones from Next Day Blinds are available in different styles and colors and are budget-friendly.

To complete a room, we find that adding a rug gives the whole room a different tactile feel. It’s especially true when usually walking around in bare feet. Make your changes slowly and studiously to get the most from your home interior budget and not have any regrets about how the money was spent.

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