How to Style Up The Ultimate Man Cave

 The humble man cave… it’s a man’s safe place, where he can escape from an interior designed world of cream furnishings, masses of silk pink pillows and satin drapes. In a man cave, anyone can sit like a slob, put their feet on the table and enjoy a cool beer, because there are no rules here. However, that doesn’t mean your man cave should just consist of an old tattered sofa and an outdated TV. Here are some great tips for how to make you man cave almost as cool as the bat cave…


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Deck it out


First thing’s first, you need to have the right equipment in your man cave – a cosy sofa big enough for you and a few friends, a great big T.V. with plenty of room for consoles, DVD players and music systems. You might also like to squeeze in room for a desk so you can work on your computer too, however, the one piece of furniture you might not consider is a wardrobe. At first you might wonder why, but a wardrobe is fantastic place to store your huge DVD collection, your game collection, and you can maybe even fit in a mini fridge! Mod your wardrobe to create sheves at the right height, and decorate it with sports-bar style neon lights. You can get all the furniture you might need at Birmingham based supplier NCF.


Find The Perfect sofa


The sofa is the most fundamental part of your man cave – you need it for when you’re watching sports with your friends, you need it for when you’re enjoying a gaming tournament, and you really need it when you’re scoffing snacks and watching the latest movie releases. Look for sofas that recline and have squishy pillows – that leather sofa might be stylish, but just stop for a moment and think ‘is it comfy?”


Keep an Emergency ‘Smarten Up’ Kit


It’s all too easy to settle into your man cave and suddenly forget what day it is – for those days when you wake up smelling of beer and nachos, and suddenly realise you need to be in work in the next hour, keep a ‘grab and go’ kit full nearby, it should contain a fresh shirt, plenty of deodorant, mints and ideally, some male grooming products (we recommend those from GroomU)!




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