How To Take Care Of Your Bath Towels

Your bath towels will probably undertake more stress and strain than any other fabric in your home. With such a vigorous daily workout, they will often turn frail and start to deteriorate; however, there are various ways to help them withstand the test of time.

Wash your towels when you buy them

Ever wondered why towels are always extra fluffy when you feel them in the shops? It’s because they have been soaked in a special fabric softener that gives the fibres a plush feel. While they look and feel great, this hinders their effectiveness and makes it harder for them to soak up water. To solve this problem, simply wash your towels before you use them. Then you won’t have to rub the fabric so hard when you’re drying.

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Don’t use as much soap as you normally would

Even the recommended guidelines on most washing powders are excessive. The more soap you use the faster your towels will deteriorate. Use a mild soap in small quantities and don’t overload your machine. A half measure should be more than enough.

Lose the fabric softener

Again, while fabric softener feels great, your towels will suffer the consequences. If you want them nice and fluffy, by all means use it; however, if you’re more practical and want to increase their lifespan for as long as possible, don’t use it.

Always separate your loads: light, dark and white

You may not be too strict with your load separation when it comes to towels; after all, they are just for wiping. If you treasure the colour and want to use them for display purposes, separate your loads from the very beginning.

Hang them up to dry immediately

When you use a towel or take it out of the washing machine, time is of the essence. Hang your towels up immediately and do not under any circumstances throw a damp towel in the laundry basket. If you do, they will go mouldy and get ruined.

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Always check the settings on your dryer

Before you put your towels into your dryer, check the settings. If you dry them on a high setting you will ruin the fibres and make them smaller and less absorbent. It’s also important not to overload the machine. Towels are thick and heavy and need as much space as possible to breath.

Buy multiple towels of the same size and colour

You’ll need more than one set of bath towels of the same colour for when you are doing the washing. It’s always a good idea to get matching towels just in case you ever have to wash them together.

Follow these tips and your bath towels will last for years and years. Wash your coloured towels in warm water (whites in hot), and add ½ cup of white vinegar to the soap to aid the washing process and stop excessive fading.

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