Interior Design Tips for 2014: How to invigorate your Living Room

Interior design is a fluid art, which continues to change according to social, economic and international trends. The advent of technology (and more specifically the emergence of satellite television and audio-visual media channels) has also played a pivotal role in this evolution, primarily because it has enabled international trends from countries like the U.S. to make their way across the Atlantic far quicker than previously. The impact of this is relatively easy to measure, as these visual trends are making their presence felt in home throughout the UK.

Top Interior Trends for Remodelling your Living Room in 2014

While today’s interior design experts consider the kitchen to be the heart-beat of the contemporary home, the living room remains the single most important place in terms of rest, relaxation and enjoying leisure time. With this in mind, consider the following trends that will influence the refurbishment of living rooms in the UK: –

The Emergence of Bold Colours

While the 1990’s saw interior designers’ focus predominantly on the application of pastel and neutral colours to living spaces, this trend has begun to change significantly during the last decade. This has resulted in the use of between two and three bold shades within a single room, in a bid to enhance its visual appeal and create a more striking living space. This applies to everything from materials and furnishings to the choice of paint and wallpaper, with the ultimate aim being to revolutionise the living room and ensure that it has a memorable impact on both residents and visitors alike.

The Fusion of Historic Styling with Contemporary Design

As the enduring popularity oak furniture proves, there is strong desire to create a fusion of historic and contemporary design principles in the modern living space. This usually takes the form of using modern fittings and furnishings to enliven and update a traditional layout, with a relevant example being provided by the integration of stylish mirrors into a Georgian of Victorian home. Firms such as the Trading Furniture Company sell a vast range of these products, and the visual impact of this relatively simple design trend can be breath-taking.

Blurring the Lines between Interior and Exterior Design

While the values that define both interior and exterior design trends were once diametrically opposed, modern ideals have brought them closer together. This became increasingly evident in 2013, as the lines between interior and exterior design principles finally blurred and fused into a single concept. This is embodied in the integration of movable glass walls and frameless glazing, which provides a seamless transition from the interior of your living room to any neighbouring external space.

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