Interior Design: Tips for Choosing Flooring for Your Home

What a thrill! You have to choose the flooring that will be installed in your new home. Everyone is excited to get such an opportunity, but the reality is that when we are immersed in it we realise that it is much more difficult than we imagined, and it is not so much fun anymore.

Learn to choose the type of flooring according to your home; here are several tips to make your task easier.

Taking the necessary time to choose the right flooring is important, do not forget that it is something that is not changed every year. The flooring has to be durable, resistant, a colour that matches the decoration of the home … in short, there are several things you have to consider.

Which flooring will you choose for your home?

To determine which type of flooring you will install you should consider several aspects:

How many people live at home?

This may seem unimportant, but it is, as it is not the same when two people walk on your floor every day as when six people do. If there are children, you should also contemplate this, since usually a fragile or delicate floor can break quickly upon receiving an impact, for example the fall of a heavy toy.

Where will it be installed?

If it is an indoor floor, usually exposure to moisture will be reduced, but if it is flooring for outside, a terrace maybe, you may need to consider which material to choose depending on the climatic conditions of the place where you live.

The colour of the floor

While you want it to combine with the general aesthetics of the house, do not forget that light colours always need to be cleaned more often. A good option if you do not have time to clean every day, is to choose a veined or patterned floor.

Characteristics of good quality floors

A good floor must meet these conditions:

  • Durability
  • Resistant to bumps, dents and scratches
  • Low maintenance
  • Anti-slip
  • Easy cleaning

In general, the most common alternatives are luxury vinyl, tiles, carpet, ceramic tiles and wood.

Linoleum is cheap and easy to clean, tiles are fragile, break and crack more easily and are also slippery. Luxury vinyl flooring is a great option, as it comes in an extensive range of finishes and is easy to install, clean and maintain.

Carpet is something that you have to analyse very well before buying. Spills are often difficult to remove, and mites are always present in them (somewhat counterproductive if there are allergic people), dust accumulates more, and you have to vacuum regularly.

Wood is a good choice since it is solid and resistant, it provides a warm and homelike atmosphere but, depending on the traffic and the humidity level of the room where you install it, it may require more or less maintenance. The most commonly used woods are oak, maple, birch and pine.

Ceramic tiles are an ideal option, they are easy to clean, and they are available in infinite colours, designs, prices and shapes. They can last as long as the house.

Follow these tips to know what type of flooring is best to install in your home and you will not feel lost among so many possible choices.



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