Interiors for Autumn/Winter 2013: Copper and Wood

Shiny copper and thick, sturdy wood are two huge trends for interior designers during autumn/winter 2013. To help you get the look in your home, we’ve taken things back to basics and have come up with a guide to incorporating natural materials into your décor this season.

Pair Wood with Earthy Hues

Thick, wooden furniture works best when paired with earthy, natural hues. A basic, neutral colour palette consisting of beiges, creams and browns should be the base of any room containing hefty amounts of wooden furniture, but this season we’ll be switching things up a little. Incorporating duck egg blues and deep, navy-tinged greys on the walls will add a little interest to an otherwise bland base colour palette, and these hues can be picked out in fabrics like bedding, rugs and curtains.

Clash Copper with Darker Tones

Copper works amazingly well in bathrooms, so if you’re looking for a new suite, choose one with copper taps or piping. The brassy tones of this natural metal will be best accentuated when clashed with dark, deep tones. Racing green works amazingly well and the two together will create a luxurious feel in any bathroom or kitchen. For something a little more subtle, you could choose to paint one wall in a matte, racing green paint, or if you prefer, simply add it as an accent colour in the bathroom with towels, a toothbrush holder and some dark green fluffy robes.

Keep Things Cosy by Mixing the Two

Brassy metals like copper can look harsh unless they’re balanced out, which is why this material works particularly well alongside wood. In the bedroom, you could offset a heavy wooden bed like the handmade ones from Revival Beds with copper accessories. Add copper handles to your wardrobe doors, and place copper plated coasters on your bedside tables. You could even house your jewellery in a copper bowl and compliment your new orange-toned metal accessories with scatter cushions or a throw in a similar hue.

However you choose to incorporate these two natural materials into your décor, if you want your home to be on-trend for autumn/winter 2013, having them somewhere in your house is a must. You can make it as inexpensive or as lavish as you like, but if you need some further inspiration, Pinterest boards like this one are always a good place to start.

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