Is It The End Of The Road For The Dining Room?

Many people are now choosing an open plan living space, rather than a traditional kitchen with a separate dining room, but is it really the end of the road for the dining room as we know it?

Is there still a place in the modern home for a dining room?

This is a topical subject in the interior design world and there are some who support open plan living, as well as those who are staunch supporters of dining rooms, complete with their specially designed dining room sets and sophisticated, grown up ambience.

Design is very subjective and it comes down to personal choice whether you choose to preserve an area of your home for dining or you opt to open up the space and create a larger kitchen diner. Some people have the luxury of both, which enables them to enjoy laid-back dining, as well as a more formal space.

Creating the perfect dining room

For those who wish to stick with tradition, there are some amazing design ideas out there to create the perfect formal or informal dining space. Dining table sets are available in all kinds of shapes, sizes and materials and they can really set the tone of the room, whether you prefer minimalist chic, retro cool or country charm.

To inject some personality and familiarity into your room, why not add some family photographs, paintings or pictures to the walls and some fabrics and textiles to jazz up your table and make the space look more inviting?

In terms of colour, try to avoid heavy tones, especially if you have a dark wood table, as this will make the room seem smaller. If you’re a fan of colour, opt for dashes and splashes, which complement the furniture and the main colour of the walls and use soft furnishings, such as seat pads, curtains and cushions to really bring your room to life.


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