Is Your Home a Danger Zone? Tips for Protecting Your Children and Your Décor

Once you have children, the perfect home that you’ve worked so hard for suddenly becomes a danger zone for your children, and your décor can suffer too. Anything from a sharp table corner to a slippery wooden floor can become a hazard for kids, whilst your perfectly painted walls might suffer from the occasional crayon mural and your sofas could be covered in juice stains in a matter of weeks. Luckily, we have some tips for protecting your children from hazards around the home whilst ensuring they create as little damage as possible to your décor.

See Your Home Through Your Child’s Eyes

Crawling around the house on your hands and knees might seem insane, but it’s actually one of the most effective ways you can protect your children from any potential dangers. Seeing the world from their point of view by getting down to their height will allow you to identify hazards like sharp table corners, candles, ornaments and anything else that could cause them harm should they be tempted to meddle. Corner protectors are always a good idea, and it’s common sense to keep ornaments out of reach, but by getting down to their level it’s much easier to determine what they can and can’t get hold of, preventing injury to your children and damage to your décor.

Wipeable Paint

It’s a fact of life that when you have young children, you find grubby handprints and scuffs on every wall imaginable. Your home can end up looking like it needs repainting every couple of weeks, and when you’re a busy parent, it’s simply impossible to keep your home looking spic-and-span all the time. Next time you redecorate, go for a wipeable emulsion so that next time you find suspiciously grubby little handprints on your magnolia walls, you’ll be able to simply wipe them away.

Sturdy Furniture

Wherever possible, your furniture needs to be robust if you have boisterous children running around. Dining tables are particularly prone to damage from kids who love to bash their cutlery around and food and drink spillages are likely to be a daily occurrence. Investing in a well-built, solid wooden dining table from somewhere like Cambridge Oak Furniture will ensure your furniture can handle a few blows from boisterous children, and protecting it with a waterproof table cloth is crucial if you want it to stay looking its best.

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