Making Gardening Easier

Gardening is one of the most gratifying hobbies you can have – it allows you spend time outside, it’s relaxing and therapeutic, and it’s even possible to grow your very own food produce. However, many novice gardeners will give up shortly after starting due to the gargantuan undertaking they feel they’ve taken up. If you don’t want to quit gardening but are finding it a little difficult, why not implement one or two of the following tips?


Invest in the Right Tools

Even the most experience gardeners need tools to make life just a little bit easier. And why not take advantage when there’s so much technology can offer these days? From advanced lawnmowers to the popular leaf mulcher, there are many machines that can make garden upkeep a piece of cake.


We suggest in starting small and expanding your collection of gizmos over time. You’ll be more in tune with what your garden needs and you won’t end up wasting money on unnecessary gadgets. But invest you must, lest you want to spend all of your free time doing it by hand!


Choose Perennials That Are Lower Maintenance

When you’re starting off, don’t be over-ambitious. Try and rein in that enthusiasm and invest in plants that pretty much take care of themselves – this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to go for beautiful plants that stand out. Sedums and Astilbes, for example, look amazing but don’t require you to be on top of the situation at all times.


Over time, you can move on to more time-intensive varieties. Once you get the knack of other tricks and tips to make gardening easier, even the most challenging plants will be doable for you. Just take your time to build up to those species.


Learn and Adapt

We recommend keeping a garden journal. Ensure it’s updated every single season and keep particular note of how you could improve on your gardening or how you may have gone wrong.


This means that you will improve your skills as a gardener, which will only serve to give you a better garden as well as one that’s much easier to manage.


Water Those Plants (But Wisely)!

This may seem like a no-brainer, but there’s a little more to it than meets the eye. Watering your plants is obviously important and it’s all about timing and getting those measurements right – it requires consistency and knowledge of just how much your plants need.


Many beginners end up watering plants every single day, which is not only completely unnecessary but also damaging to your plants. Give your plants and flowers water every two to three days – that’s usually more than enough to keep them in tiptop condition.


Sometimes, less is more.


Weeds? Attack!

Whenever you see even the smallest of weeds forming make sure you get rid of them. Tackling this problem at the onset will make your life a whole lot easier.

Not only are they easier to pull out during infancy, but they also won’t get a chance to reproduce. Keep this in mind, for example: just one crabgrass plant can result in 150,000 seeds in a single season. Imagine having to deal with every single one of them.


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