Making your bed your sanctuary

Everyone deserves a place of refuge and comfort, a place where they can feel peace and relaxation after a stress day, and there is nothing more revitalizing than our own bed. Of course, when it comes to being a personal sanctuary, not all beds foot the bill; however, you can transform your mattress and frame very easily without spending thousands. 

beautiful-bedroom-by-reshma-artworkBasic comfort is the key to making your bed enjoyable, as a soft yet supportive foundation is crucial to building a cozy sanctuary. Buying an expertly crafted mattress is ideal, but certainly not the most economical solution. Alternatively, start by flipping the mattress, as the bottom has probably experienced a lot less wear. Following this, add a topper; they come in a variety of materials but, if you’re looking to save money, consider a foam eggcrate style. Don’t worry if it’s not attractive, as it will be remain hidden to the eye.

While normal blankets may do what they need to do, many people prefer the comfort and warmth a down comforter provides. Down comforters come in many different forms—there are different levels of warmth, fill consistency, and thickness. Also, just in case you have allergies, imitation down fills are available (and they’re just as good). To make sure that you’re making a solid investment, make sure that your comforter is washable. There’s nothing worse than purchasing a quality duvet that, two weeks later, suffers a horrendous stain that cannot be removed.

Many people do not realize that good bedding and linen can improve the aesthetic neatness of your environment, as well as the quality of your sleep. Not only should your sheets be made of a comfortable material, but they should also fit your bed correctly. Sounds easy, right? Some places, namely college dorms, cannot use regular twin sized sheets. Most college housing mattresses require twin XL sheets—a size that is often only carried by specialty dorm room bedding sites like RHL.

When choosing the aesthetics of your bed, it’s important to take into color psychology. While you may see an orange blanket as just an orange blanket, colors subtly influence both our emotions and energy levels. Cooler colors have a way of calmingly lowering our heart rate, but keep in mind that dark blue can make us feel, well, blue; reversely, hot colors like red, yellow and orange will make you feel energized and awake, something that you may appreciate when rising in the morning, but may make winding down at night a bit harder. While everyone has their personal preference about what hues they thoroughly enjoy, keep in mind that greens and purples give you the best of both worlds.

One practical tip? Have the trunk or container where you house your extra blankets and whatnot positioned right by the foot of your bed. How many times have you simply pushed a blanket off you when running warm at night, only to leave it bunched in the corner for the next few days or weeks?  Reversely, have you ever shivered underneath the sheets at night, dreading the idea of having to emerge from underneath the covers to grab that extra layer on the other side of the room? Save yourself the mess and drama by simply having the storage chest within arm’s reach so you can maintain the perfect temperature with little hassle.

Finally, find the right pillows to match your sleeping needs. Do you prefer to lie on your stomach? A softer pillow will work wonders, while less-yielding alternatives are ideal for those who doze on their back or sides. Foam pillows are popular for their ability to mold to your specific silhouette, but are not well-suited for those who tend to run hot.


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