Maximise Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Homeowners know from experience how difficult it can be to replace old or deteriorating items around the home. Almost everything needs replacing eventually and windows are no exception. The process of getting new windows for your home can be a daunting, difficult and ultimately costly task.

Perhaps this is exactly why most people opt for less expensive replacement windows rather than energy-efficient windows that can cost just 10% more.

What the majority of homeowners don’t realise however, is that investing in something that saves you electricity is actually more beneficial in the long run. Smart consumers, who want to get the most for their money, should consider products like those supplied by swishwindows.Here’s why:

Energy Savings

The main point of energy-efficient windows is to keep cold air out and warm air in. These windows, which are usually multi-glazed and feature low-E coatings, let you save money in electricity bills by allowing you to consume less energy for cooling and heating your home. They are designed with high quality edge spacers and frames, so you won’t have to overcompensate for air entry and leakage during summer or winter. All you have to do is close your windows to keep you warm and toasty during the freezing winter evenings and keep them open when the sun is sweltering and you’re in need of a nice summer breeze. In warmer climates, you could reduce your energy costs by anything from 7% to 31% and in cooler climates, which require more heating, from 11% to 24%.

Keep Your Furniture in Top Condition

It’s a well-known fact that the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause fading in fabric, paper, wood, carpet and artwork. It’s a less known fact that a good energy-saving window can keep your furniture looking pristine for years. The coatings on the glass of these special windows can lower the UV rays coming into your home by 75%.

Less Condensation

Sometimes all you need is a good energy-efficient window to solve all your winter problems. This type of window comes with its own special brand of low-E glass usually protected by a thin layer of metal. We often take glass for granted but in this case, the glass is a vital part of the energy-saving process. Low-E glass makes it difficult for frost to build up on the windows and therefore has the added factor of acting as a condensation repellent. The frost on your window panes may look pretty but they actually make your room feel much colder, prompting you to turn up the radiator and costing you extra on heating.

Less Draught = a Better Night’s Sleep

One of the best things about energy-efficient windows is that they are designed to eliminate draughts. In the winter, colder temperatures and often stronger winds can make homes fitted with aging, worn-out windows seem very draughty. This condition is created when the air next to the window cools enough that it drops to the floor and the movement pattern it creates causes that uncomfortably cool air to seep into your house, sometimes disrupting a good night’s sleep. Obviously, a house that suffers from draughts is also less energy-efficient and will inevitably see higher heating bills.

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