Murano Chandeliers: The Perfect Addition For Your Home

Classy, Beautiful And Elegant Murano Chandeliers For Your Home

Everyone dreams of having a beautiful, elegant and incomparable home sweet home. Have you ever heard of the term “Murano Chandeliers”? Of course, Murano chandeliers have become a very popular choice among the modern homeowners. Most of the people decorate their home with Murano Chandeliers.

The chandelier is a beautiful decorative piece which is installed in the ceilings of home. Murano chandeliers look beautiful for their special quality cuts. No scratch, No bubbles or flaws in the Murano glass pieces. Each piece is specifically crafted so that it enhances the beauty of your home.

Most of the times, Chandeliers are made from clean and fogged glass and it’s a perfect addition to your home if you install it in the right place. With so many different styles, shapes and colours of Chandeliers, you can definitely find the one which is perfect for your personal taste and choice.


Different Kinds Of Murano Chandeliers

When it comes to authentic Chandeliers, you can easily get it from workshops and also at an affordable price. Moreover, they also offer shipping to all around the world, along with an insurance cover. Isn’t it great?

Murano also ensures that consumers get the best Chandelier, which is one of the major reasons why they are manufactured in a special way. Murano also makes use of vacuum packing so that consumers get the best quality products when they are delivered.

If you already have a Murano chandelier and so looking for a spare part, you can easily get the authentic part by visiting a reputed Murano store. All you have to do is to request the spare part and they can offer you a genuine part at an affordable price.

Remember, you may not get the authentic parts at the local store. Although many local craftsman may assure you that they can offer an authentic Murano part, but it’s advisable to not purchase the spare parts from them.

Since you have the option to buy it from an online store, you should first read the instructions properly before making any purchase. You can easily make the payments through PayPal or any other e-currency provider.

Important Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Murano Chandeliers

Consider The Size Of Space

Before choosing a Chandelier, you should first decide on the location where you have decided to place it. After choosing the location where you will be installing the chandeliers, you should note down the size of the home where you can place it.

If you have decided to place the chandelier in the dining room, you should make sure that it’s installed in a way so that there is a distance of around 30 inches between the dining table and chandelier. If it’s for the living space, the distance should be around 6 feet between the ceiling and chandeliers.

Interior Decoration Theme

From different styles to brand, size, style; you can get to choose from a huge range of chandeliers in the market. Whether you want to choose Americana or wrought iron or candle style, a good home improvement store can offer you all the popular styles of chandeliers.

You should keep the interior decoration theme of your home so that you pick the best chandelier. Vintage chandelier is the perfect choice for both the traditional and modern home. Chandeliers are made of different kind of crystals i.e. strass, majestic wood, Italian crystal etc.


Chandeliers are a little costly and can even cost you over a thousand dollars especially custom made ones from a reputed Murano manufacturer. Since it’s a little expensive, it may not be the right choice if you are a little tight on budget. Keep all these excellent tips in mid to choose the best chandeliers for your home.

Happy Shopping!


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